About Allan Poupette’s tweets on Twitter, Reason of Anger of him

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Allan Poupette: Poupette Kenza, a well-known social media influencer who films her daily life, recently ended her marriage to Allan. This came after a viral video sparked widespread outrage. Yes, there is a film about Poupette Kenza’s boyfriend Allan, which led to their breakup. Follow our website, BLINGSNEWS, for the latest updates!!!!!

Poupette Kenza, a social media celebrity, announced her divorce from her ex-husband Allan on Snapchat because he was cheating on her. Since Poupette Kenza announced her breakup with Allan due to a cheating scandal, the internet has been flooded with people looking for Allan’s popular video. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Allan video that has been circulating on the Internet.

Video of Twitter Allan Poupette

Poupette Kenza, a social media celebrity, is making headlines because her rocky relationship has taken an unexpected turn: she broke up with him. A video of Allan with another woman in an inappropriate situation is the shocking reason for their breakup.

Poupette Kenza is best known for her Snapchat posts, where she has gained a lot of attention due to some controversies. She has, for example, been in trouble with the law and spent time in police custody. She has also shared dubious photos of her children.

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On August 7, the social media star announced her breakup with Allan in a heartbreaking video. Poupette Kenza is crying in the video because she is so upset about her relationship with Allan.

“I’ve never been hit so hard in my life,” she says in the video. What a squander! Everything will be different now that it’s over.” Poupette Kenza posted another video three days later in which she was also emotional.

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Poupette Kenza discussed her plans for the future on August 10. She stated that she was going to start a new life and bring her children with her. On August 14, Poupette Kenza discovered a film that broke her easily hurt feelings.

We can see in the video that Allan is with another woman. Poupette Kenza expressed her displeasure in the video, questioning how Allan could betray her after everything they had been through together. The plot becomes more complicated as time passes0.

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