ASTRO Member Moon bin Dies at the age of 25; Police Suspect Suicide; Family To Hold Private Funeral

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Moonbin :

Moon Bin, a K-pop artist best known by his stage name Moonbin, has passed away at the age of 25, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Fantagio Music, Astro’s record company, announced the musician’s passing on its official Twitter account. No specific cause of death was revealed.

The label stated that it was “deeply mourning” the untimely passing of Moon Bin.

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According to ET, the group’s label issued an apology for the “sad and heartbreaking news” in a statement that was uploaded in Korean.

Member of ASTRO Moon Bin abruptly departed us on April 19 and turned into a star in the sky. All ASTRO members, Fantagio colleagues, executives, and employees are deeply mourning the departed in such great sadness and shock, however it is incomparable to the grief of the bereaved families who lost their dear sons and brothers.

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As the 25-year-old’s family mourns their loss, the label pleaded with followers to refrain from speculating.

It is even more agonizing to communicate the unexpected news to Moon Bin’s supporters and those who showered him with love. Because I was familiar with the deceased’s heart, which always loved and cared for the fans above everything else, it breaks my heart even more.

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I earnestly request that you avoid from spreading rumors and nasty information so that the grieving relatives, who are shocked by the sudden tragic news, can respectfully remember and honor the deceased.Moon Bin was a part of the well-known K-pop boy band Astro, which debuted in 2016, according to Entertainment Tonight. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 25-year-old was Moon Sua’s older brother and a member of the K-pop girl trio Billie.

According to the international report, Moonbin was discovered dead at his house on April 19 at 8:10 p.m. KST. According to reports, the management called the police right away. Fantagio, his representative, has not yet released a statement about the passing.

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