Blue Face And Chrisean Family Fight Video Viral On Social Media

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Blue Face And Chrisean Family Fight : After an alleged video of Chrisean rock’s father hitting Blue face and him knocking him out was posted online, Blue face and Chrisean rock were once again in the news. This video has gained a lot of views and has been trending on social media. The two men who are most significant in Chrisean’s life get into a fight in this graphically depicted film. Chrisean had previously brought up this subject, but she was quite clear in saying that there was no one to blame and that the argument just happened out of the blue. The duo is currently debuting a programme based on their life together. Stay tuned as we discuss more information regarding this popular video.

Watch Family Full Fight Video

Both Blue Face and Christian rock tend to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. The megastars of the past were once a famous pair in love with one another. But the couple has received a lot of criticism for their actions in public in recent months. Although the general public has shown some curiosity, disagreements have been on the rise up to this point. Earlier, the couple was caught on camera fighting on the streets near the station. Eventually, they were able to talk things out, but tensions remained between the family members.

Chrisean was arrested and interviewed in connection with allegations that he beat and said cruel things to Blue Face’s mother and sister. Meanwhile, Chrisean’s father and brother got into a fight with Blue face, knocked him down, and made fun of him cruelly. The couple’s relationship had its ups and downs, but they were appreciated for their commitment to each other. Chrisean’s father is shown bleeding from the nose at the end of the now-viral footage of a confrontation between him and Blue Face.

Blue Face And Chrisean Family Full Fight

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The walker captured this footage on camera as they physically separated the two combatants during their altercation in the early months of this year. As seen in the video, Chrisean’s father started the fight between Father and Blueface, with Chrisean caught in the middle. In the first half of the clip, Blueface appears to have been knocked to the ground; however, he rises at the end of the clip and punches Chrisean’s father so hard that blood begins to flow from his nose. Chrisean also brought it up on her social media accounts.

Chrisean mentioned that her father used to beat up her mother in the early months of this year, when the fight took place, and it makes no sense that he would now try to take her away from her partner. The actress removed the tweet but said there is tension between the families of the couple. But now comes the good news: the couple is premiering their show, Chrisean Rock and Blueface: Crazy in Love, in which they will tell their entire journey. On the other hand, the series is also available on the Zeus network for an additional fee, and it can be viewed by anybody on the Zeus network for free on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST.

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