Emerald Pool Thailand | Best Tour & Attractions, Visiting Timing and More

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Emerald Pool : Southern Thailand’s Krabi Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot) is one of its special attractions. Krabi is known for its regions of exceptional natural beauty, and the Emerald Pool is one such location. Emerald Pool is located in the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, an unusual marshland with a wealth of biological variety, along with a lake made of precious stones and a nature trail.

The Krabi Emerald Pool is the ideal destinations if you wish to spend the day outdoors. Both are in a lovely rain forest, which is a wonderful change of scenery from the busy Ao Nang and Krabi town. The Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve is home to the stunning and unspoiled Emerald Pool Krabi. Although the Emerald Pool is around 65 kilometres away from Krabi town or Ao Nang, the day excursion is well worthwhile. Additionally, you may visit both the Krabi hot springs and the Crystal Lagoon at the same time! This natural phenomena is located on the route to the Emerald Pool, making it the ideal day visit. So let’s explore Krabi Emerald Pool and Krabi Hot Springs in more detail. This site has a wealth of information, including directions, what to anticipate, and much more

Locally called as Sa Morakot, the Krabi Emerald Pool is a gorgeous natural pond whose water is supplied by freshwater springs that flow down the neighbouring hills. It is a stunning location and a favourite excursion destination for travellers wanting to discover the area’s natural beauty, located in the Krabi province of South Thailand. One may experience the abundance of nature under a dense canopy of rain forest, which contains an enormous biodiversity, including tropical trees and wildlife of varied types, by taking a leisurely stroll along the natural jungle trail and by the pool.

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To reach the turquoise waters of the Emerald pool, which shine brightly from beneath a canopy of trees, one must go through the Thung Teao Forest and National Park, passing through other pools, waterfalls, and crystal clear streams.

Things to Do at Krabi Emerald Pool

  1. Bird Watching
  2. Swimming
  3. Guided Tour
  4. Dipping in Hot Springs
  5. Exploration

1.Bird Watching : The Gurney’s Pitta, an endangered songbird that was believed to be extinct until 1986, is a popular target for birdwatchers. The deep forest region is a botanist and nature lover’s paradise because it is home to a wide variety of native animals and flora.

2.Swimming : The warm, emerald-colored waters of the Emerald Pool are ideal for swimming. Photographers enjoy themselves immensely while attempting to capture the beauty found underneath the ocean.

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3. Guided Tour : Those who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife highly recommend taking an environmental tour group on a guided tour of the entire park.

4. Dipping in Hot Springs : The Hot Springs are a great place to recharge before the return journey. Visitors often choose to sit on the natural depressions made by the springs’ sides, which adds to the enjoyment of the surroundings. The volcanic rocks beneath help to naturally warm the water to a temperature of 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. It is a must-visit rejuvenation destination due to the abundance of minerals and salt in the water as well as its medicinal properties.

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5. Exploration : Visitors can get a peek of nature by strolling along the forest walk. The tourists are protected from the sun while enjoying a stunning view thanks to the jungle.

Emerald pool tours

The Emerald Pool and Krabi hotsprings are some of the must things to do in Krabi. These tours include air conditioned transport with hotel pick up and drop off, certified guides and lunch. You can reserve now and pay later, with cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

Emerald Pool Thailand | Best Tour & Attractions, Visiting Timing and More
Emerald Pool Thailand | Best Tour & Attractions, Visiting Timing and More

Many tour businesses in Krabi Town, Ao Nang Beach, and Klong Muang Beach provide excursions to Emerald Pool. You may also reserve a spot on the Emerald Pool adventure online if you value testimonials and suggestions. The majority of tours include lunch, hotel pickup, a trip to the hot springs, and a stop to the Tiger Cave Temple. These guided excursions have the drawback of forcing you to share this wonderful location with other tourists.

GetYourGuide excursions may be cancelled for free up to 24 hours in advance, which is a unique benefit.

Best time to visit This Pool

Best time to visit the pools is in the morning, especially on weekdays. Also during weekends locals flock the Emerald Pools.

The Emerald Pool Krabi is open daily from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, with the exception of May through October, when only the Blue pool is closed. To provide different bird species in that region a quiet time during their nesting season.

Entry costs 200 baht for adults and 100 baht for children. The Blue Pool is closed from May to October, however you may visit the Emerald Pool any time of year.

Blue Pool

The Blue Pool, a little deep blue pond encircled by dense vegetation, is another gem of the National Park. A 400-meter-long pathway makes it simple to reach this Blue Lagoon; moreover, the route is well marked here. You pass a little temple, enormous tropical trees, and little, clean rivers among other things. In contrast to the Emerald Pool, bathing is prohibited here. An underground hot spring supplies water to the Blue Pool. The tiny air bubbles may even be seen if you look attentively.

Overview Of This Emerald Pool

With this all-day trip that includes lunch at a local restaurant, you may spend the day discovering the Krabi rainforests. You’ll visit Wat Tahm Suea (also known as the Tiger Cave Temple), take a dip in the Emerald Pool located within the Khao Phra Bang Khran Nature Reserve, and relax in the mineral-rich hot springs at Hot Spring Waterfall.

  • There are accessible hotel transportation between Krabi Town and Ao Nang.
  • The journey will be led by a knowledgeable guide. There is lunch, fruit, and water provided.
  • Smaller group sizes guarantee individualised service from your guide.

Krabi Hot Springs

Emerald Pool Thailand | Best Tour & Attractions, Visiting Timing and More
Emerald Pool Thailand | Best Tour & Attractions, Visiting Timing and More

The Krabi Hot Springs, or Namtok Ron in Thai, must be included in your itinerary if you intend to visit the Emerald Pool in Krabi. Make a turn to the hot springs, which are situated in the middle of a small jungle preserve, as you’re almost going to pass them on the way back.

How to get to the Krabi Hot Springs

The Krabi Hot Springs are located in the Khlong Thom district, 65 kilometres from Krabi Town and 55 kilometres from Ao Nang. However, the trip back from the Emerald Pool only takes 15 minutes. It might be a terrific complement to a full day of seeing East Krabi since you will pass the Tiger Cave Temple and the Krabi Airport on the route. Of course, you may also reserve a spot on one of the jungle tours that includes lunch, a tour guide, and admission costs to Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi Hot Springs, and Emerald Pool.

Entrance fee Krabi Hot Springs

The Krabi Hot Springs have an entrance price of 100 Baht per person and a parking fee of 10 Baht.

Beautiful Emerald Pool Krabi Review

From the entryway, two routes lead to the stunning Crystal Pool Krabi. A shorter dirt road and a winding, narrow pathway through the mangroves and vegetation. This 2.7-kilometer nature route takes you through the stunning Thung Teao Forest, which is home to many unique animal and plant species due to its high biodiversity. So bring your camera along and keep a look out for interesting things!

You’ll stroll by a number of tiny but immaculately clean swimming pools, including the green pool known as Sra Kaew (Glass Pool). Hundreds of various varieties of tropical trees and plants, as well as waterfalls and streams, are also visible in addition to that. When you reach the Krabi Emerald Pool, you may cool down after the climb and take in the breathtaking natural surrounds, including the Blue Lagoon. However, use caution since the rocks might become rather slick. Water shoes might be beneficial in addition to ropes for assisting in stepping in and out.

The Blue Pool Krabi, which is just as clear and is approximately 600 metres farther upstream from the Emerald Pool, is also visible. But be advised that since this pool is so near to the spring’s primary source, bathing is not permitted due to the very hot water and the presence of quicksand.

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