Honor 9X – Full Phone Specification , Features and All Review About honor 9x Phone

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Honor 9X – Full Phone Specification , Features and All Review About honor 9x Phone

Update: The Honor 9X received a surprising sequel in the form of the Honor 9X Pro, a newer version of the X smartphone with a few improvements.

It has a few additional features, but it isn’t a drastically different phone from the Honor 9X, so we’ve included a section about it to our review. That may be found later in the review.

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The well-documented Huawei ban crisis in mid-2022 called Huawei’s future into doubt, but Honor 9x , the Chinese company’s young sub-brand, was a mostly overlooked victim of Google’s ban on Huawei using its applications. Future phones from this brand, including the Honor V and Honor X series, will no longer include Google applications.

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Although the Honor 9X’s designers probably didn’t realise it, the phone might be Honor’s last (outside of China, where Google apps aren’t utilised anyhow). So, is it a nice final offering and a cause to board the Huawei ship before it sinks, or should you pass up this last chance?

The Honor 9X is now available in the UK and many areas of Europe for £249.99 (about $320, AU$470). That’s a reasonable price for a budget phone, however it’s no longer eligible for our list of the best inexpensive phones because the price threshold has been raised.

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The Honor 8X was sold in the UK for £229.99 (about $310, AU$435), however it wasn’t available in many other countries. The Honor 9X is thus slightly more expensive, especially given that the Honor 8X has undergone price drops throughout the course of its existence.

Display and design of honor 9x

The Honor 9X boasts a large screen for a low-cost smartphone. It has a 6.6-inch display, which is a little enormous for a smartphone, so you may struggle to operate it effectively unless you have fairly large hands.

The screen resolution is 1080 x 2340, so it’s a rather sharp display, but the fact that it’s LCD may turn off certain users. LCD panels are often regarded as poorer quality than more common OLED-based displays due to their comparatively poor black reproduction and flatter colour appearance. Having said that, the Honor 9X features one of the best-looking LCD panels we’ve seen, with colours that ‘jump’ more than competitors. However, the maximum brightness is not excessive.

There is no notch or ‘punch-hole’ eating up important screen area thanks to the Honor 9X’s pop-up front-facing camera (which we’ll get to in a second). Sure, there’s a chin at the bottom of the screen, but the 91% screen-to-body ratio is impressive overall.

The phone has a very standard look; it’s pretty large, as previously said, and feels a touch hefty at 197g. Honor hasn’t verified the body materials, however it sports a Gorilla Glass front and what appears to be a Gorilla Glass rear with a plastic frame.

There’s a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor pretty high on the back of the phone that we found rather easy to reach, although this is obviously dependent on hand size, so if you have a smaller hand, it may be out of reach. We utilised a UK version of the Honor 9X, however the device in China has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, so if you import it from Asia, it may appear somewhat different.

The tri-lens camera array is located right next to the fingerprint sensor. It’s contained in a hump, but it’s a modest bump in comparison to comparable mounts on other phones, so it’s not as bothersome.

Back to the front camera: it’s fine, with a square form that’s relatively standard for pop-ups. The built-in drop detection technology immediately recalls the pop-up camera when the phone falls, so you’re not at risk of injuring it. However, the pop-up takes a bit longer than others to completely stretch, so if you dropped it from a low height, you may damage the camera.

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