ICE SPICE’s leakad Video on social media , watch here …AND IT’S BIG TRASH

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ICE SPICE: Last Thanksgiving, the DJ played the first five seconds of “Munch” at a roller rink in South Jersey. That much time was all it took to see that Ice Spice would soon rule the planet.

The bass groove and ominous hi-hats crawled across the maple rotunda floor. Grrah. piercing cries. Then everyone on the rink yelled, “Stop playing with them, Riot!” in unison. The DJ looped the track back, tease them by delaying the intro, affording them time to take off their skates to get sturdy, as a group of youngsters made a beeline off the floor toward their buddies in the outdoor food court. Finally, the beat dropped, and a mosh pit developed close to the arcade as they shouted the opening phrase with neon-lit smiles: “

Do you think I’m feeling you? That munch a naked. The entire one minute and 44 second record was played by the DJ. I turned and watched as practically everyone in the skating rink joined in on the song, with the younger audience reciting every bar and improvising, and my mother chanting more of the chorus than I would have expected.

Even though Ice Spice promised to “be lit by the end of the summer,” her rise to international prominence has nonetheless felt like a thunderbolt, a shock to pop culture accompanied by the exploding sound of a New York drill. The 808 slides of the subgenre might as well have been a warning: Ice Spice got next, and she’s not giving it up.

ice spice viral video

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A video of Ice on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx becomes viral a week before our meeting. She is waving and blowing kisses to a hungry gathering of hundreds while standing through the sunroof of a Suburban. Fans shower her with I love yous and bloodcurdling screams like roses. She was in town to record an interview for Apple Music in her former neighborhood. Ice replies, “I had to say hello to them.” “Even getting into the car made me feel horrible. I was unable to simply drive off like that. I had to say hello right away. After all, she is the princess of the people.

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