Is xQc having a relationship with Fran? The alleged split is explained by claims.

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xQc Fran: xQc, a millennial viral celebrity, stunned the world when he admitted to and corroborated the cheating allegations leveled against him. xQc confirmed his ex-partner’s adultery allegations during a live stream. xQc and his ex-girlfriend Fran discussed the aftermath of their highly publicized breakup during the live stream.  Follow our website, BLINGSNEWS, for the latest updates!!!!!

Their explanation for their tumultuous split was so poorly handled that live feed viewers were shocked. However, after a 6-day vacation, the internet personality xQc got into a fight with Georgie Pokelawls on August 13, 2023. The debates surrounding xQc are discussed in the sections that follow. Read on to find out what happened during Felix xQc and Georgie Pokelawls’ livestream.

Is xQc having an affair with Fran?

When xQc returned to the live stream after a six-day hiatus, he couldn’t keep his emotions in check and gave the middle finger. Pokelawls advised xQc not to forget anything that occurred during their time together. Furthermore, Georgie stated that when xQc was arrested for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend Sammy Adept, only he was present in court.

In an interview, Toronto native Georgie Pokelawls stated that xQc dislikes him because he is not a “Yes man.” “I’m not going to be your yes man,” he stated emphatically. You’re feeling this way because… You know I’m not the type to simply say “yes” when asked.

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Plus, I adore you, but… We’re not friends, no matter what happened this week. You f**ked me over, regardless of what happened. Please accept my apologies. Sorry. That’s all there is to it. This is the way it is. I mean…”

Fran explained that one of the main reasons she and xQc broke up was because he was cheating on her, which added fuel to the fire surrounding their split.

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Fran accused xQc of cheating on her during the live stream. Later, xQc arrived to back up Fran’s claims. What xQc said in response is covered in the following paragraph. Check it out right here.

xQc acknowledged the claims in response to FRAN’s inquiry, saying, “I will confirm.” For a variety of reasons, I believe a detailed segment on this subject is warranted at some point in the future.

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And no matter how long it lasts, how public it becomes, or how many times you apologize, the deed will not be changed. He accepted responsibility for his actions and denied cheating allegations.

He later retracted his statement, claiming that he had finished explaining everything. xQc stated on live-stream that he will elaborate on the cheating allegations later.

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