Josh Giddey spent a night with his Girlfriend after it left her

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Josh Giddey : The latest development in the controversy surrounding Josh Giddey, the shooting guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is that there are rumors that he had a one-night fling with a girl who is allegedly as young as 14.

According to rumors, Giddey didn’t know her age when they hooked up, and the moment he found out the next day that she wasn’t 19, he broke up with her, according to “Code Sports.

“The New York Post claims that the child obtained entry to a nightclub that only lets people above the age of 18, thus in this case, Giddey would have been justified in believing that the girl was an adult rather than a kid.

As of the time of writing, Giddey had neither addressed the accusations nor acknowledged his involvement with the girl.

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Crucially, nothing more than accusations have been substantiated at this point.The NBA and the Newport Beach Police Department in California are both looking into Giddey. In California, consent is 18 years old, as opposed to 16 in Oklahoma, where the incident occurred.

Alleged Underage Girl’s heir lawyer

The family at the center of the inquiry into NBA player Josh Giddey’s alleged inappropriate interaction with a youngster is apparently being represented by renowned lawyer Gloria Allred.

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The Oklahoma City Thunder player has been the subject of attention from the NBA and law authorities due to allegations that he had a romantic involvement with a minor.

TMZ Sports cites Gloria Allred, who is well-known for her participation in well-publicized cases pertaining to women’s rights, such as those involving Bill Cosby and former US congressman Anthony Weiner, as saying, “We represent the family and have no comment.”

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When images of Giddey with a minor appeared on social media, controversy broke out. According to reports, the alleged encounter happened one night, two years ago. When Giddey met the teen at a nightclub in 2021, he thought she was 19.

He reportedly broke up with her after finding out her real age.Giddey has kept his focus on the court by playing for the Thunder in spite of the ongoing investigation.

The NBA is investigating the claims made against the 21-year-old guard through its own investigation. Gloria Allred’s hiring marks the beginning of a new phase in the ongoing investigation and strengthens the family’s position in this contentious case.

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