Kanye West’s Huge Reddit Page Praises Taylor Swift, Holocaust Awareness Content Leaves Him In Fans

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Kanye West’s Huge Reddit Page Praises Taylor Swift : For Kanye West supporters, things appear to have changed. Fans on the 45-year-old’s r/Kanye Reddit page, which has more than 700,000 subscribers, have chosen to convert the subreddit into a Taylor Swift appreciation page in response to the artist’s Thursday appearance on right-wing talk show host Alex Jones’ “Infowars,” where he continued to spew anti-Semitic rhetoric and purposefully gave praise to Adolf Hitler and Nazis.Follow For More UPdates Blingsnews

“This is now a Taylor Swift Subreddit,” read the title of the post that started it all. We had a good run lads,” and the assertion is supported by around 33,000 upvotes. Comments quickly increased the singer’s following, with some even admitting that their long-standing animosity of Swift was wrong.

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“I sided with Ye in their legal struggle in 2016–17, which is why I truly loathed Swift at the time.It’s quite obvious that Kanye is a terrible person, so I kind of hate it now since I like some of her music,” one commenter said. Additional posts have turned into debates about which Swift album West fans preferred, and other comments have stated that Swift now “made ‘Graduation'” (a rather complicated reference to a long-standing criticism by West’s fans of his problematic behaviour, in which they claimed that he received a pass “because he made ‘Graduation,'” his well-liked 2007 album).

Since West interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Video by a Female Artist at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to show his support for Beyoncé, the two have been at odds. On the song “Famous” from the rapper’s album “The Life of Pablo,” which was released in 2016, he made the following statement: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have s@x. Why? I made that b—h well-known. Swift publicly criticised the lyric at the 2016 Grammy Awards, and later, West and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian leaked a recording of a phone call in which Swift appeared to approve of the lyric. However, the call was later found to be edited, and Swift never gave her approval for West’s lines.

The Kanye subreddit has also produced a number of posts stressing the gravity and sad truth that the Holocaust’s events brought to the Jewish people. This contains archival film of large machinery being used to clear body piles in concentration camps, depressing old photographs, and posts honouring those who perished in the tragedy, such Anne Frank and the events she detailed in a diary that was found after her death. These comments from followers essentially act as a denunciation of West’s praise of Hitler in the “Infowars” interview and his denial of the Holocaust, underscoring the artist’s decline in popularity as he spreads anti-Semitism.

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, suspended the artist’s account after Thursday’s “Infowars” interview and a string of questionable tweets from West, including the posting of a Nazi-inspired logo.

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