Lee Boyd Malvo, a DC sniper who killed people 20 years ago, is denied parole by Virginia.

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Lee Boyd Malvo : Richmond, Virginia The state of Virginia has decided that Lee Boyd Malvo, a convicted sniper murderer, is still a danger to the public two decades after he and his partner terrorised the area around Washington, D.C., with a series of random shootings.

When Malvo and John Allen Muhammad shot and murdered 10 people over the course of three weeks in October 2002, they were both 17 years old. As the pair travelled from Washington state to the nation’s capitol in the preceding months, several other victims were shot and killed around the nation.

Malvo was founded guiltlty l murder in Virginia and given a life sentence without the gusess of release. However, a number of Supreme Court decisions and a modification to Virginia law granted

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According to state records of Parole Board rulings for August, the Virginia Parole Board denied his request on August 30, concluding that Malvo still poses a risk to the public and should complete more of his term before being released on parole.

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The Parole Board stated in its letter, “Release at this time would lessen the gravity of the offence; severe nature and circumstances of your offense(s)”.

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Life without parole for young criminals is prohibited under the Eighth Amendment “where a sentencing court concludes that the offender’s offence was the consequence of fleeting immaturity, as opposed to chronic incorrigibility,” Judge Robert McDonald said in a judgement made after Malvo was sentenced. The court stated that it is unclear why the sentencing judge in Malvo’s case came to the latter decision.
The judge stated that it “may be an academic matter in Mr. Malvo’s case” as Malvo is now serving a life term at the Red Onion State Prison in Virginia.

Lee Boyd Malvo

John Allen Muhammad, Malvo’s accomplice, was put to death in Virginia in 2009. For the 3 murders in Virginia, Malvo is 37 now , was given to a life sentence without the possibility release. However, two federal courts determined that Malvo was entitled to fresh sentencing proceedings after the U.S. Supreme Court declared in 2012 that mandatory life terms for minors are unconstitutional. Additionally, in 2020, the Virginia legislature approved a provision allowing young criminals to apply for parole after serving 20 years.

Malvo, a 15-year-old Jamaican forced to live in Antigua, first saw Muhammad when he was considerably older. Malvo was trained and brainwashed by Muhammad, and the two went on a killing rampage in 2002 that included 10 murders in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

According to trial evidence, Muhammad planned the shootings in order to kill his ex-wife and make it seem like random acts of violence killed her, therefore regaining custody of the children.

Malvo is incarcerated in Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison, which offers super-maximum security.

Malvo received a life term in jail in Maryland for crimes committed in the adjacent state, even if he had been granted release in Virginia. The top court in Maryland determined last month that Malvo must get a new sentence for the crimes he committed there.

About Lee Boyd Malvo

Lee Boyd Malvo (born February 18, 1985), also known as John Lee Malvo, is a convicted killer who, along with John Allen Muhammad, carried out a string of killings in the Washington Metropolitan Area in October 2002 known as the Beltway sniper attacks during a three-week period. Malvo was 17 years old when the shootings took place. He is currently incarcerated in Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison, a supermax facility, serving numerous life sentences. [1] In 2009, Muhammad was put to death. [2]

Researchers disagree on whether the two men’s psychopathy falls under the category of spree murdering or serial killer psychopathy, despite the media’s description of their conduct as such.The Beltway sniper assaults were the final in a string of shootings around the country that these people were linked to and that started on the West Coast. Malvo, a young person, had become friends with Muhammad, who recruited him for the assaults. Malvo believed Muhammad when he informed him that the $10 million ransom demanded from the U.S. government to stop the sniper shootings would be used to create a utopian community for 140 homeless black children on a Canadian compound, according to Craig Cooley, one of Malvo’s defence attorneys. [4] Malvo made a sexual assault allegation against John Allen Muhammad in 2012.

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