Link :Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey Twitter Full Video

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Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey: On tiktok, find videos of Paris Harvey and Kuaron’s Instagram livestreams. What has occurred? In a “freak accident,” 12-year-old Paris Harvey fatally shoots her cousin Kuaron Harvey before shooting herself on Instagram Live.

When [Paris] was playing with the gun while they were filming a video, it accidentally discharged and hit him. They were filming a video with Cousin Kuaron Harvey Live.This article claims that on March 25, 2022, there was an inadvertent gunshot and “freak accident” that claimed the lives of two people, including Kuaron Harvey.

The victims in the terrible incident that shook the internet were two children who were purportedly cousins and were playing with a gun. One of the kids accidently shot her relative during the incident. Then, she killed herself.

Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey Reddit

In the viral video purportedly recorded on Instagram Live, 12-year-old Paris Harvey is shown shooting and killing her 14-year-old cousin Kuaron Harvey before turning the gun on herself.

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The unfortunate incident was labeled an unintentional gunshot that resulted in a “murder-suicide” and was said to have happened at a home, as stated here. In the story, it is stated that “Paris’ mother Shanise Harvey didn’t know who the gun belonged to or how her daughter found it.”

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