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Mai Denzel : After her husband received nude pictures from her unhappy partner, one Tariro or Mai Denzel had to eat crow. Tariro allegedly caused his boyfriend much heartache by cheating on him with a buddy. His boo is a guy named Daniel Parangeta, who lives in the Rushinga neighbourhood of Chimhanda.Follow our website, Blingsnews for the latest update

That made him so angry that he told her husband, who then confronted Tariro.

The spouse called her family to tell them about her indiscretions and pressured her into confessing, and the story quickly went viral on social media. In one recording, Tariro can be heard being coerced into an admission to her brother, with her spouse audibly influencing her words.

I had a long-term partner, but I recently broke up with them and started dating someone new. After he learned about the affair, he informed my husband.

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When her boyfriend Daniel told me he was dating my wife, I was taken aback. And just in case I needed any more evidence, he also gave me photos of her in her underwear to show that they were truly in love.My wife ran away when I confronted her and asked about Daniel.

Daniel called me and told me that Baba Denzel had told him that Tariro was hiding out at my landlord’s house, and he asked me why I had talked to Tariro about it.In other developments, Zimbabweans applaud Baba Denzel for keeping his cool after learning that his wife was seeing two men at once.

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Continue ReadingA portion of social media praised Baba Denzel for keeping his cool after hearing audio clips of a woman identified only as Mai Denzel confessing her ad*ultery to her husband.

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According to the recordings, Mai Denzel had two affairs with men outside of her marriage. She broke up with her first boyfriend in favour of dating his best buddy.

The scorned lover, outraged at Mai Denzel’s actions, hurried to Baba Denzel and spilled the beans. Some private photos that Mai Denzel had sent him were also forwarded.

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