Margot Robbie’s Film’s Barbie First Trailer Leaked on Social media

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Margot Robbie’s Film Barbie : This first look at Margot Robbie’s well-scripted effort based on a Stanley Kubrick classic promises to be entertaining..More UPdates Blingsnews

We get our first glimpse at one of 2023’s most highly awaited movies. This Friday, Warner Bros. will release a funny Barbie teaser, in which actress Margot Robbie provides the doll’s likeness. The juxtaposition of the infinite legs, the gorgeous silhouette, and the apocalyptic scene in only one minute is priceless.

An absolutely delightful first trailer for the upcoming film “BARBIE” features Margo Robbie as the iconic doll

Early on in the teaser, we see a group of young girls playing with dolls in a desert setting. A voice-over states, “There have been dolls since the beginning of time, since the first young girl in history.” The theme song from the 2001 closing credits

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Then, as Richard Strauss’s sweeping score plays, Margot Robbie struts in, towering over everyone. Little girls flock to this new doll like it’s an icon, and in their excitement they toss aside their older dolls and crush them against each other. Pictures of Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, and the film itself follow, as well as the film’s American release date of July 21. (the 19 in France).

Robbie’s mysterious film

Greta Gerwig, a leading light of the American indie film scene, takes the helm in Barbie. The plot of Mattel’s first live-action film doll from 1959 is still a closely guarded secret.

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In the 2020 issues of The Hollywood Reporter, Margot Robbie had vowed that the Barbie doll will not resemble the traditional representation of the doll at all. ‘We like things that go a little out of the picture,’ she remarked. Regardless of what you expect, we intend to you something entirely new. Things that caught you off guard.

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