MG Hector Hybrid 2023 Auto With 2.0 L Petrol Engine , 174 Hp , 22kmpl : Read More

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MG Hector Plus and Astor SUVs by up to Rs 28,000. This is the second price hike of this year for the three SUVs – the Hector got their first price hike in April, while the Astor in July. The Hector is slated to undergo a mid-life upgrade shortly. The Gloster and ZS EV are the only models that haven’t gotten a price hike this time around.

Today we are going to talk about MG Hector, recently we have a face shot that shows that MG hector is in a best view, today we are going to tell about all the design, interior, etc. of the vehicle.

Looks And Design of MG Hector

Talking about the front, the front is going to be updated a lot, here we can see the front redesign as well as the head lamp which is also very attractive, the fog lamp along with the LED will be provided here and its bonnet It is also going to be very upright, the look of the front will not have major changes but minor changes will definitely be seen.

Side profile

Here we will get a loading wheel glazing on the side but here in its spy shot the wheel is going to be seen as before, that is, the same wheel will be seen, in fact if there is any other change then we will get another type of alloy wheel can also be seen,


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The roof will get an antenna and a large panoramic sunroof, and the rear is going to get LED lamp lights, and the tail that has gone will also be redesigned and we will get an updated tail gate.

Interior of MG Hector

Mg hector
Mg hector

Inside the MG Hector, there will be a far tone color and a lot of space we will get to see the soft design in its top variant, as earlier there was a big vertical lead display but for this vehicle this display will be changed, and big change touch display will see And all connectivity will be available, wireless bluetooth, apple connect, usb port, ets, besides this we will get to see a lot of features, then it is also going to be a very good thing for this update MG HECTOR,

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Voice resistance will be seen, now we talk about its Instrument Clusters, that too will be seen fully digital.

And inside it we are also going to get wireless phone charging, front seat heating, cool box, as well as electrically adjustable seat which will be fully automatic, in front we will also get ARM rest and cup holders, and charging socket will also be available. , AC will also be available for the rear seat and the feature of climate control is also going to be available as well as automatic projected lamps will also be provided.

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The boot lamp and gate inside the boot is also going to come with the power gate, overall this vehicle is going to be very updated in terms of interior and features.

Engine of Mg Hector

What are the changes inside the engine, we are going to tell now, this is a minor change, so we will not see any change in the engines, the same engine will be provided as before, here we have 2.0 l petrol engine Inside which will be seen with a power of 1754 hp and torque of 250 Nm, as well as a 48 watt system, in addition to this we will get a diesel engine with 2 liter turbo engine.

About Major Update of MG Hector

We are going to talk about ads means advanced driving system, this system we got to see inside mghector gloster, finally mghector is about to update the ads feature inside itself, this feature will also be liked a lot, and this feature will make this car more Will make it great

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