Michael Clarke’s girlfriend slapping him, What Is behind it ?

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Michael Clarke : There is a chance that Michael Clarke won’t be able to give interviews on the air or on TV. Because of the drama that ensued when he and his girlfriend Jade were spotted together in public, India will likely lose the next Test series against Australia. A park fistfight ensued between Michael Clarke and his girlfriend.

Jade Yarbrough, girlfriend of Michael Clark, regularly smacks him across the face. That’s indicative of how upset she is, I suppose. She lets out an expletive-filled yell, “You f***ing keep lying to me!” Michael Clarke’s girlfriend slaps him in a viral video.Follow our website, Blingsnews for the latest update

Witness His Girlfriend Beat Him Up In The Park Like Michael Clarke.

Jade Yarbrough, his current girlfriend, allegedly ran into cricket player Michael Clarke in a park in Queensland and the two hit it off. After she learned of his infidelity with another woman. Clarke led the World Cup-winning squad as captain. Jade can be heard ranting at Clarke in a now-viral video, accusing him of having s#x with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards in December of 2022. What Jade has to say is shown in the video. Over the course of the entire video.

Clarke advises Jade to physically harm her lover if she suspects that he has cheated on her. In all likelihood, Jade will turn up at some point and double-whammy him. People started filming as the dispute escalated from words to fists in a public park. Those who witnessed the conflict captured it as it transitioned from words to action. The Full Story

The rundown on the video in its entirety

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Obviously, you want her to accompany you to India. Yarbrough may be seen and heard yelling at Clarke in the video clip. I’ve been keeping up with the messages. If I had to choose between anyone else and you, Pip, I’d choose to spend the rest of my life with you. So, accompany me to India, if you please. In a few places, the well-known film is fuzzy. The sound, however, reveals every detail of the conflict.

Jade Yarbrough, Michael Clark’s girlfriend, may be seen smacking him repeatedly in the face in a video. A lot of people these days are paying attention to social media. When Michael Clarke’s girlfriend Jade Yarbrough found out he was cheating on her, she attacked him and accused him of seeing another woman.

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