Michael Hanley Horse laek video: Man’s controversial clip with horse spread on social media

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Michael Hanley Michael Hanley, the proprietor of a Dublin carriage business, recently became popular on X, the former name of Twitter, following the internet success of a horse video that showed the animal mounting a guy wearing an orange t-shirt.

Beastiality’s film, which included the captions “Always keep a password on your phone” and “Michael Hanley left his phone in the pub; look what he was doing,” surfaced online earlier this week.

According to the caption, the video was shared by the person who discovered the abandoned gadget, which was purportedly owned by Michael Hanley. The unsettling video quickly racked up millions of views and a barrage of angry comments, as it appeared to offend online users.

Though additional details regarding the man in the video remained undisclosed, online users managed to connect the footage to another Michael Hanley in Dublin, who also happens to be the proprietor of Comfort Carriages, a horse-drawn carriage business.

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Soon after, the horse video led to Hanley from Comfort Carriages unintentionally being the target of mocking remarks on the internet.Hanley was purportedly contacted by a YouTuber who wanted to know about his purported involvement in the video as the controversy grew.

In response, Hanley refuted claims in an email that he mistreated horses, adding that his business was the target of a defamatory campaign by rivals that used a false flag operation.

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In addition, he claimed that the man in the video—which has been making the rounds online in Germany since 2021—is not him because, unlike him, the carriage owner has tattoos on his arm.

Owner of a Dublin horse-drawn carriage business Michael Hanley recently became well-known online after a widely shared Zoophilia video purported to show the man riding the horse as none other than the native of Ireland.

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Hanley has vehemently denied any involvement in the horse video in the wake of the aspersions. Hanley asserted that the rivals of his prosperous horse-drawn carriage business had planted the two-year-old video, which started making the rounds in Germany sometime in 2021.

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