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NEW KIMMIKKA : Twitch streamer Kimmikka received a seven-day suspension from Twitch for breaking the rules a few weeks ago after her viral s@x video became viral.

After seven days, Kimmikka was unbanned for giving Twitch viewers “too much information,” albeit in the form of images, regarding her personal life.

Over 12 million people watched the viral video on social media. The original video is available below…Follow our website, BLINGSNEWS, for the latest updates!!!!!

Kimmikka’s new viral video on Twitter

That’s not the end of it, though.

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Kimmikka has recently appeared in new s@x videos that feature the director’s edit. They have a lot more details that can be seen with the unaided eye.

Kimmikka takes pleasure in the “dirty dancing” in the new s@x video as her partner does the naughty from behind.

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The Pringles chips and Dior socks in the backdrop indicate that it might have been from the same incident as Kimmikka’s initial video, which resulted in her being suspended from Twitch for seven days.

The incident caused a significant uproar in the public’s eyes, and people are guessing as to whether Kimmikka will once again be banned from Twitch.

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A select few Tweeps trolling, some criticizing, and the majority going completely bonkers trying to question the rise of online entertainment.

Whether or not it was unremarkable for everyone involved, the notoriety the sex video generated peaked and thrust her into the spotlight.

When did the Kimmikka illegial live stream video appear?

When Pokimane and other streamers called for a virtual boycott to outlaw gambling on Twitch, the fresh sex tapes surfaced.

Twitch was forced to “amend” its regulations and prohibit illicit or unlicensed gambling after seeing the outcry from the public and the protests that were being made.

Editor’s note: It makes sense that condom companies are showing up as sponsors in the virtual world. They have a great chance of getting into the area.

In August 2022, streamer Kimmikka was caught breaking Twitch’s regulations during a contentious live stream. She was consequently barred from the platform as a result. What transpired, then? What is known is listed below.

It happens frequently to see Twitch streamers banned for sexual content. Inadvertently violating the rules of the Amazon-owned site, broadcasters have occasionally been fined over the years.

Having said that, have you ever thought a streamer would actually dare to engage in sexual activity while being filmed? In fact, ‘kimmikka’ experienced exactly that, and Twitch moved swiftly to slam down the ban hammer.

On August 24, 2022, the streamer appeared to be leaning on her desk, and the chatter became curious as her expressions began to alter.

Her reflection could be seen in the backdrop as she attempted to be stealthy about the whole affair and type in chat at the same time.

As if that weren’t awful enough, her partner is also briefly visible directly behind her at another time, however no bodily parts are visible.

What transpired with Kimmikka following the stream?

The video quickly gained thousands of views on the well-liked Livestreamfail subreddit before being removed after Twitch learned of the dubious extracurricular activity.


The streamer apparently called the incident a “drunken accident” and abruptly halted the show after telling reporter Jake Lucky that. She added that the ban only lasted one week in a brief follow-up.

With only 231 followers, Kimmikka wasn’t exactly the most well-liked streamer prior to her removal, according to stat-tracking website Sullygnome. Her account was also new, having only been established in July 2022.

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