Obituary and death notice for Brad William Henke died at 56

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Brad William Henke : Brad William Henke, a former professional soccer player, passed away while actively pursuing a lucrative acting career. Age 56 describes him. Henk’s manager, Matt Delpiano, told the Post that Henk passed away on November 29 while he was sleeping but he did not give a reason. “Brad has a lot of happy energy and is a very caring person. A fantastic performer who adores being a part of this neighbourhood… We also adore him. His wife and family are in our thoughts, he said. According to Delpiano’s statement.Follow For More UPdates Blingsnews

On the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, Henk is best recognised for his portrayal of gay prison guard Desi Piscatella. He became a sex icon in the bear community—a segment of the gay community that favours a bigger, hairier man—thanks to the successful role.

Henke expressed his gratitude for the accolade to Out in 2016, saying, “I mean, I’m honoured. I’m doing fantastic. It’s an admiration. Who wouldn’t want to be thought of as attractive? In some ways, he was a nasty guy, yet the response I received indicated that people actually liked him.

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Henk was raised in Littleton, Colorado after being born in Columbus, Nebraska. Henk played college football for the University of Arizona, was selected by the New York Giants in the 1989 NFL Draft, and later played defensive end for the Denver Broncos. He played in Super Bowl XXIV in 1990 against the San Francisco 49ers, who were the defending champions, and also for the Broncos.

In 1994, due to an ankle injury, he left the league and relocated to Los Angeles in search of coaching opportunities. However, he soon discovered a new career in show business.

His adventure began when his professional soccer teammates told him about a commercial casting call for actors to portray soccer players.

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In 2021, he admitted to Looper, “I booked the first commercial I went out and shot. It was for the eatery Hungry Hunter. I scheduled this and spent a half day filming it. I thought, “Oh, that’s simple.” However, when I arrived, I recognised the elderly man I had spoken to earlier, so I guess they hired both of us in case I slipped and got burned. I’m completely lost.

As Henk admitted to the Tucson Citizen in 1998, “I kind of regret not starting acting sooner.” “However, I believe that the life lessons I learned before I discovered my calling really helped me. My career was being built solely on my own merits, not as a result of anything I did on the football field.

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