Petawawa kia fight video went viral on Twitter

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Petawawa kia :Fight between Petawawa and Kia in its entirety

The video was sent to CityNews, where it sparked a debate about toxic masculinity in the retail sector..Follow our website, Blingsnews for the latest update

The used-car salesman introduces himself as “Brian from” before using several slurs. Paulette Car Salesman explains his breakfast and hints at some implications while he’s talking about it. In terms of both s*x and automobiles.

The filthy performance has not only made the residents of Kingston uncomfortable. However, its underlying message draws attention to a more systemic issue in the automotive industry and beyond.

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The acts of Brian Doyle have caused a lot of debate in Kingston. Despite his protests that the video’s only purpose was to make people laugh, it has been declared improper.


The Kingston News viewer was keen to bring out how the video can be particularly harmful to women. With mental health problems, and many other community members showed their agreement with that statement.

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Despite the fact that Doyle shared the video on his social media accounts at first, he later pulled it after receiving backlash. The flood of criticism is another proof that he doesn’t give a damn about the people in his immediate vicinity.

An employee of the agency made a disturbing social media post recently.

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The poster’s brazen show of predatory behaviour, his relationship with vehicle ownership, and his violent statement of antiquated conceptions of masculinity must be addressed quickly.

Due to its inappropriate content, the video of the Petawawa KIA Fight has gone viral.

The Petawawa Kia Video Petawawa kia

Caution: Offensive language is used in this story

Uncomfortable conversations on toxic masculinity in the sales sector were sparked by a video of a car salesman using offensive language in an attempt to make a deal in Kingston.

The employee is seen in the video wheeling around in a sports car before introducing himself as Brian from Paulette Auto Sales. The footage was shared to CityNews. I pulled up in this brand new BMW i8 and I’ll tell you why: Because I ate some [ex*pletive] this morning, Mom,” he explains as he exits the vehicle.

I can’t tell you how much it costs since I have no idea. No idea what year it is. He gestured toward his groyne and continued, “But I can assure you definitely you’ll get some [crap].” The salesman in the commercial-style sales film says, “That’s right.” Bad mother-in-law in the auto business, Paulette. We’re selling that [crap] right now, so come get it.

The following video features e*plicit and profane language that some viewers may find offensive.

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