Pregnant Blake livey saw With BFF Taylor Swift And Hugs Her as She Expects fourth baby .

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Blake livey : The 35-year-old star also criticised the paparazzi for forming a line outside her house to take photographs of her in an Instagram post.

Blake Lively is experiencing love while carrying her fourth child. The stunning Gossip Girl actress, 35, shared a stunning picture album on Instagram on Saturday (September 17) as she awaited the birth of her and Ryan Reynolds’ fourth child; the couple currently has three children together: James, 6, Inez, 4, and Betty, 2. In one of the pictures, the pregnant actress and Blake’s best friend Taylor Swift are seen giving one other a strong hug.

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With her husband, actor Reynolds, Lively is expecting their fourth child. Recently, she released unguarded photos of her growing baby belly while criticising the paparazzi. The actress and her kids were terrified by the media, so she included a lengthy statement with the images pleading for them to leave her alone. To the 11 males waiting outside her house for a sighting, she responded, “Here are images of me pregnant in real life so they will leave me alone. You scare my children and Thank you to everyone else for your support, kindness, and willingness to keep unfollowing websites and accounts who post images of children. You can defeat them with all your might. And thank you to the media who have a “No Kids Policy,” she concluded her letter. You all are the only ones who matter. Lots of love!

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Blake Lively seems stunning in the pictures while flaunting her growing baby belly. Her husband Ryan Reynolds, sister Robyn Lively, and friend and musician Taylor Swift are all shown in the images. Robyn Lively, her sister, remarked on the post shortly after it was uploaded “It irritates me that in an effort to recover your privacy, you must disclose such personal images. I hope these jerks back off because I adore you.” Writes Gigi Hadid, “While another replied, “I’m really sorry. U da finest B!” I’m proud of you for standing with your authority and defending our personal space. Cheers to a party of six; it’s so incredible, chaotic, and enjoyable!”

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Blake Lively announces her pregnancy and criticises the paparazzi for frightening her children

With her actor-husband Ryan Reynolds, Hollywood actress Blake Lively has revealed she is expecting her fourth child. The 35-year-old star also criticised the paparazzi for forming a line outside her house to take photographs of her in an Instagram post.

So that the 11 males waiting outside my house for a sighting will leave me alone, “here are images of me being pregnant. Lively tweeted, “You scare me and my kids out,” accompanied with pictures of her posing with her friends and family and revealing her growing baby belly.

She said

“I’d want to thank everyone else for their support, love, and willingness to keep unfollowing accounts and websites that post pictures of kids. You can defeat them with all of your strength. And kudos to the media for adopting a “No Kids Policy.” You all are the only ones who matter. Many blessings!” she said.

After appearing at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit on Thursday, Lively announced her pregnancy. The star smiled for the photographers while sporting her growing baby belly in a sequined long-sleeved short dress.
James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, are already the parents of Lively and Reynolds, 45.

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