Rabi Pirzada: Who Is She? Reason Why This Video Became Viral & Trending!

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Rabi Pirzada : After making accusations against the victim of an acid attack in which her partner was implicated, Rabi Pirzada has once more made headlines. When Arthur’s case came up, Rabi Pirzada apparently supported her lover instead of double-checking the facts. They were dating. Now that another Instagram photo by Rabi Pirzada has surfaced, Follow For More UPdates Blingsnews

Viral Video

And she makes it very clear in her post that she is sincerely sorry for the incident that became popular online and for Arthur’s victim as well. Following the revelation, the audio message from Rabi Pirzada that quickly became popular online is being mentioned once more. Let’s investigate this matter in greater detail. Both a businesswoman and a television personality, Rabi Pirzada is. Prior to 2021, she received

entered a relationship with a man named Arthur who later became embroiled in a case involving an acid attack in which he was charged with causing harm to a woman. When the matter surfaced, Rabi Pirzada posted an audio message online, and it quickly went viral. It is now becoming clear that Rabi did not accept Arthur’s backing. In her post, Rabi Pirzada asserted that she was aware of what went viral online.

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Who Is Rabi Pirzada?

She was aware that her voice note had received a lot of attention online and had been extensively distributed. She admits that she never intended to do so but now regrets the voice support she gave Arthur. On her Instagram, Rabi Pirzada wrote that she had to record the audio. She continued by stating that there were threats against both her and her son’s lives.

According to Rabi Pirzada’s post, she was coerced and even threatened into recording the audio in which she allegedly disparaged Arthur’s victim, calling the young woman “just a thick thigh woman.” The victim of Arthur was subjected to these accusations by Rabi. In addition, Rabi Pirzada states that she is aware and acknowledges that the voice in the message that is becoming viral online is actually hers.

Rabi Pirzada Trending Clip Explained

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She also expressed regret for Arthur’s despicable deeds and expressed that she understands the suffering and difficulty that his victims go through. In her subsequent article, Rabi Pirzada stated that Sophie, who was the victim of Arthur’s acid attack, was an innocent girl and that she didn’t in any way believe that Sophie was ugly or stupid. There was a sentence in Rabi Pirzada’s audio message that was published online that called Sophie a moron.

And the unattractive girl to whom Rabi Pirzada wrote said that she was forced to say what she said and that she never supported her own statements. According to Rabi Pirzada, the phrases she spoke in the audio message were coerced, and she does not in any way agree with what she stated. Sophie, Arthur’s victim, was really brave and gorgeous to come out and speak, says Rabi Pirzada. On addition, Rabi Pirzada claims that she was coerced into saying the phrases in the audio.

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And that she was compelled to say it, which is why she did. Additionally, Rabi says that because the legal proceedings prevent her from doing so, she won’t go into great detail in this piece. She also claimed that the tape had been modified and that she had been coerced into recording it. According to Rabi Pirzada, whatever she said in the audio that went viral was coerced out of her and she said it to defend her family because she was in real danger and faced serious threats.

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