Shanquella Robinson was found dead hours after laughing and joking with friends about swimsuits

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Shanquella Robinson : A new video of the North Carolina woman who died after being beaten brutally at a Mexican resort shows her laughing with her friends just hours before she died.

Shanquella Robinson, 25, can be heard joking about her friends taking too long to get ready inside their Fundadores Beach Club villa in the video shared by Neighborhood Talk.

‘It doesn’t take long to get naked.’ ‘Where are you?’ Robinson cracks a joke as she walks around the San Jose del Cabo resort. Follow our website, Blingsnews for the latest updates!!!!!

The woman, who later suffered a broken neck and a severed spine, walks around the Villa Linda 32 room before entering to join a group of women discussing swimsuits.

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The video, which was posted on Friday, has nearly 90,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

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Dozens of commenters have pointed to her friends’ reactions as she walks into the room as a possible foreshadowing of what was to come.

‘They were talking about her in there!’ ‘Body language says it all,’ one person said.

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‘Man, this story breaks my heart. ‘Imagine going on vacation to enjoy your life and walking right into a death sentence,’ one person wrote.

‘This is heartbreaking. They clearly had a problem with her. ‘And probably didn’t say anything because she was recording when she walked in,’ another said.

On October 28, Robinson was part of a group that travelled from Charlotte to Cabo and rented a villa to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

A day later, the 25-year-old was discovered dead in their suite.

Mexican authorities have since confirmed that Robinson’s death is being investigated as femicide, which is the regional term for the intentional killing of a woman.

Officials also revealed that the woman’s neck was broken and her spine was severed, both of which were discovered during an autopsy.

If they discover that the killing was not motivated by gender, they will reclassify it as a homicide.

This came after a video surfaced showing Shanquella being beaten while naked in her hotel room. The unknown assailant punches and kicks her repeatedly, while the man filming the video taunts her.

Sallamondra Robinson, Robinson’s mother, said her daughter’s friends initially called her and said she died of alcohol poisoning.

‘My heart just went into pieces,’ her mother said. ‘Shanquella was my heart,’ she said.

‘I got a call Saturday evening saying Shanquella wasn’t feeling well,’ she explained, adding that she quickly realised there was more to the story.

‘By the time we questioned each of them, each of them gave us a different statement,’ she explained to GMA on Friday.

‘I didn’t believe them because, before they even got back to Charlotte, someone had called and said that someone was fighting her over there,’ she added.

She added that Shanquella was with a person her mother “very well” knew, and that she had hoped he would watch out for Shanquella, but “that’s not what it was.”

Shanquella’s older sister Quilla Long claimed that she “fell to her knees” upon learning of the passing and that “the video is sickening.”

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