Source video of actress Nagita Slavina scandal or controversy

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Nagita Slavina: In this piece, we examine Nagita Slavina’s fascinating journey from her Indonesian origins to the trending video. On social media, a story may garner the attention of millions of people in a matter of seconds and spread like wildfire. Nagita Slavina, who is well-known for her various talents and intriguing personality, is the subject of one of these stories that created a digital storm. Follow our website, BLINGSNEWS, for the latest updates!!!!!

Many evidance prove that this is Nagita Slavina

Mariana Tengker, also known as Nagita Slavina, is a true Indonesian treasure of Minahasan, Javanese, and Minangkabau ancestry. She can perform in a variety of jobs thanks to her adaptable personality, including acting, presenting, singing, and even owning her own company.

The Grand Affair: Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad’s Wedding On a joyous day, October 17, 2014, Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad exchanged vows and began a new chapter in their lives. They wed when Nagita was 26 years old. This marked a significant turning point in their romance. The extravagant wedding attracted a lot of attention, but it also created some issues.

About where you watch and how to spread this video

The live broadcast of the wedding, which dominated the airwaves for hours, unexpectedly altered the grandeur of the festivities. But there was a lot of negative press about this prolonged exposure.

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In order to stop the abuse of public frequency, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia, or KPI), intervened. KPI said that the additional airtime had no positive impact on the populace, hence a letter was addressed to Trans TV, the responsible broadcaster.

While there are trends that come and go in the social media realm, some stories endure for a very long time. A 61-second video that surfaced on Twitter ignited the internet. People on the internet were intrigued and interested when it was said that one of the group members resembled Nagita Slavina.

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Outside of the internet, this video’s popularity had an impact. Nagita Slavina’s name was frequently mentioned in discourse. People were intrigued by her striking resemblance to a cast member, which also spark


Who is Nagita Slavina?

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Nagita Slavina’s personal life is equally fascinating as her professional life. Rafathar Malik Ahmad, a baby boy, entered her life on August 15, 2015, improving it even further. Her life was brightened by this joyful occasion, and Rafathar has even continued his parents’ showbiz tradition by doing the same.

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