Sukihana is trending on Twitter for what reason? Everything you need to know about the rapper’s NSFW video release is right here.

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Sukihana : Twitter is buzzing with a video of Suki. Sukihana gained internet fame after an OnlyF video of her posing by herself went viral on social media platforms. The news came after YK Osiris was accused of forcibly kissing her, prompting widespread support for the TV star.Follow our website, BLINGSNEWS, for the latest updates!!!!!

Suki’s video is trending

The rapper is well-known for his weird social media posts. While her name made headlines for the video, viewers were intrigued and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

The source of the posted video is unknown, and whoever watched it has not revealed any additional information. The video is no longer available on YouTube. However, people who haven’t seen the video are requesting it on Twitter.

Opinion about the video on Twitter

The audience’s reactions to Sukihana’s p**ing video swamped Twitter. Some people stated they “gag” after seeing it, while others thought it wasn’t as horrible as it was reported online.

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Others were concerned as well, with one user remarking that he could require assistance and criticizing how the phishing was carried out.

There have also been a slew of memes created in response to the video, although Sukihana has yet to respond. Twitter is buzzing with a video of Suki.

Sukihana received assistance after YK Osiris attempted to kiss her forcibly

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Sukihana, real name Destiny Lanette Henderson, was popular last month. After YK Osiris was accused of kissing her forcibly. The incident was also captured on tape while Destiny was commentating on a Crew League Basketball Tournament in Atlanta.

Osiris can be seen standing close to Destiny in the video. “Stop!” fate shouted as he made his move. After being stunned by fate for a bit, Osiris tries to kiss her again. Forcing her to scream once again.

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Osiris, on the other hand, strolled away chuckling, seemingly untouched by what had occurred.

I believe that YK Osiris truly apologized to Sukihana. Osiris later apologized to Sukihana in an Instagram message. He wrote that he understood the significance of consent and accepting full responsibility for all that occurred.

Destiny later acknowledged the apology on Instagram. “Accepting my apology is not my apology or diminishing the gravity of his actions,” she wrote. This is fate’s decision to show pity to Osiris.”

Sukihana expresses her acceptance of YK Osiris’ public and private apologies. “I’m not a fan of black men ripping people off.”

Check out trends on Social Media

A video of Sukihana enjoying herself and leaking a lot of bodily fluids went viral on Tuesday. This viral video appears to have originated on the OnlyF Facebook page. However, the video’s exact origin remains unknown.

Sukihana manually gratifies herself and reaches a climax in the aforementioned contentious video. It also included bodily fluids, which revolted several Twitter users and prompted them to threaten to abandon the platform entirely. Others, on the other hand, defended the artist.

@mino_zato2316 twitter link.

Sukihana’s name is trending on Twitter, although she doesn’t have an active account. Following the YK Osiris incident, the rapper chose to take a hiatus from Twitter last month. Twitter is buzzing with a video of Suki.

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