There’s Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison, The situation is best clarified by watching a video on YouTube

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Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison : The woman seen in the viral video of reality star Stephen Bear’s private moments has filed a lawsuit against the person who posted the video, outlining the several claims she plans to make against the star. Back when this happened, perhaps two years ago, the video became viral almost immediately. Despite the fact that Bear utilises a service that allows him to broadcast videos, he claims he did not upload the footage to the internet. Aside from that, he mentioned that he doesn’t do unauthorised posting. The scandals involving Bear and his partner will be discussed, so stay tuned.More UPdates Blingsnews

Video of Stephen Bear And Georgia Harrison

Stephen’s one and only Facebook account netted him $40,000. Like her, he attracted a large fan base and gained international recognition. They were featured in a viral video alongside Georgia Harrison that went viral without their knowledge. Bear claims that while he was in Dubai, he received multiple direct messages from trolls who made fun of him for posting a eplicit video of himself and Georgia online. To hear him tell it, he was intoxicated and having a blast. While Bear was in Dubai, this video mysteriously appeared, he says. Asked how he managed to ruin Georgia’s life with that video, he replied that he had gotten a lot of flak for it.

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This week, Stephen Bear appeared as a witness at the request of the prosecution. According to Georgia, he broadcast a private film of hers without her knowledge or consent while he was testifying. Bear, who initially claimed otherwise, now claims that he and Georgia were intoxicated and playing cards when the footage was captured by accident. He continues by saying that they shared a passionate encounter in his home, which was captured by the surveillance cameras he installed. Even yet, the tape never made it to his vault. Bear acknowledged that the two shared an intimate moment, but he brushed it off because Georgia was a woman.

Georgia Harrison And Stephen Bear In Video

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In his declaration, Bear indicated that he had watched the film on his TV and that he had no difficulty presenting it to Georgia. He claims Bear and Georgia were aware of the filming and allowed them to utilise Bear’s private area.

When Georgia ordered Bear to remove the footage, he did so without hesitation. Bear says he is not the sort to brag about his life in front of his pals. Only in his room and with his companion does he share possessions. In the first several seconds of the video, Bear claims he texted his girlfriend Georgia.

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She denied that he uploaded the video and instead claimed that he erased it at Georgia Harrison’s request. In 2020, Bear signed up for OnlyF and made it abundantly apparent that this was his primary source of income.

Even though he had nothing to do with the video’s release, he claims he attacked the moment it went viral. A lot of people, he claims, were upset at him in January 2021 when he shared the clip so soon after returning from Dubai. Bear disputed with the prosecutor, insisting that he did not share the footage despite the prosecutor’s clear claims.

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