Thomson TV With QLED 55 inch Display Smart TV Review – Big Screen On A Budget

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Thomson TV : The proposition that Thomson is offering with its QLED smart TV isn’t that of a premium device, but that of democratising a set of features. So, keeping in mind that perspective, the Thomson QLED TV is a keeper.

Highlights : Thomson Tv

  • Google TV powers Thomson’s QLED TV line.
  • In India, Thomson just recently debuted its QLED TV line.
  • The entry-level Thomson QLED TV model costs Rs 33,999

The Thomson QLED series smart TV with Google TV was recently introduced in India by the French consumer electronics manufacturer. The recently released smart TV series includes a number of high-end capabilities, including smart home controls, built-in Chromecast, distinct kid profiles, personalised home screens for multiple users, and compatibility for Apple AirPlay. In addition, it has compatibility for over 10,000 applications, including Netflix, Prime Visual, Disney+Hotstar, Apple TV, Voot, Zee5, and Sony LIV, as well as cutting-edge audio and video capabilities like Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Digital Plus support.

It’s important to note that Thomson’s QLED TV series differs from other smart TVs on the market in more ways than simply these specific capabilities. Thomson’s QLED smart TV is a powerful contender in a fiercely competitive industry, especially in a price-conscious nation like India, due to the combination of these features, size, and cost.

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To give you some context, Thomson’s QLED TV series is available in three different sizes; the 50-inch model costs Rs 33,999, the 55-inch model (which we examined) costs Rs 40,999, and the 65-inch model costs Rs 59,999.

Even while all of that might appear amazing on paper, it’s still unclear whether Thomson’s QLED TV series lives up to its promises. In the thorough assessment that follows, we’ll attempt to address that question and others. However, let’s take a short glance at its characteristics before delving into the details.

Thomson QLED smart TV: Specifications

Thomson TV With QLED 15 inch Display Smart TV Review - Big Screen On A Budget
Thomson TV With QLED 15 inch Display Smart TV Review – Big Screen On A Budget
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Display : With a peak brightness of 550 nits, a QLED 4K display supports HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Digital Plus.

Processor: Mali-G52 GPU and MT9062 with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage

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Audio: Two DTS TruSurround 40W Dolby Audio Stereo Box speakers with a digital noise filter

Connectivity: Built-in Chromecast and Airplay that support more than 1000 applications, dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 + 5) GHz, and Bluetooth 5.0

Ports: optical port, coaxial port, two USB ports

Special features: Google Assistant, speaker/headphone functionality, a gaming controller, a mouse, and a keyboard

Platform: Goolge TV

Thomson tv QLED smart TV: Design

The company’s smart TV is frameless Air Slim and has dimensions of 1240 mm x 780 mm x 290 mm. It features a plastic chassis with the Thomson logo at the bottom, next to the RF sensor, and a Black metal stand.
The company’s smart TV is lightweight and portable in use thanks to its plastic shell, and its aluminium stand makes it robust enough to resist a few shakes without the TV tumbling off the table. Despite the fact that the smart TV is enormous in size. If you are used to watching programmes and films on a wall-mounted TV that is often smaller in size, it will feel more disorienting.

Thomson TV With QLED 15 inch Display Smart TV Review - Big Screen On A Budget
Thomson TV With QLED 15 inch Display Smart TV Review – Big Screen On A Budget

The 55-inch QLED smart TV from Thomson has all the common connectivity options, excluding the frame. This indicates that you receive a coaxial port, two USB ports, and three HDMI ports.

To put it simply, Thomson’s 55-inch QLED smart TV has a straightforward design that is both lightweight and incredibly sturdy. Although it may not be among the most expensive smart TVs available, it works just well.

Thomson QLED TV smart TV: Performance

The Google TV operating system is used in Thomson’s QLED smart TV without any skins. This indicates that using this smart TV gives you a completely Google TV experience. This platform effectively makes utilising Thomson’s smart TV a snap. It helps that the TV always reacts quickly and without ever displaying signs of exhaustion to your every want and request. The transition from one command to another, such as changing a movie or switching applications, happens quickly and there is no audio or video latency while moving between programmes and sources.

This pattern continues with regard to audio quality. You can hear what is being said in a video being played on Thomson’s QLED TV from across the room. Most of the time, 22–25 percent of the volume is sufficient to allow you to comfortably watch a movie or TV show. This TV is noteworthy since it can still maintain clarity even when the volume is turned up a few notches. In conclusion, you will like using this smart TV to view music videos.

Let’s now discuss the remote. A smart remote is included with the Thomson QLED TV. On top, there are three buttons that provide quick access to user profiles, Google Assistant, and the Settings app. Additionally, there are four buttons; three of them provide immediate access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, while the fourth one may be customised to suit the demands of the user. This smart remote is undoubtedly one of the easiest to use remote controls I’ve ever used. It is really responsive and simple to use. Additionally, it can swiftly understand Google Assistant requests. Therefore, it is attentive whether you ask it to play popular country songs on YouTube or Manifest season 1 on Netflix.

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