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Travellight : Jordan Taylor is well-known in the travel community thanks to her popular “Travellight” YouTube channel. Taylor has over 676K subscribers on YouTube and has uploaded 244 videos there. Her YouTube channel shows her viewers how much she enjoys spontaneous trips. She finds all the unexplored corners of every place she visits because she enjoys it so much and can’t stay put for more than a few days. She became a media sensation after the video she appeared in went viral online. This article takes a closer look at the singer’s devoted pack-lite audience and provides some interesting trivia about her.

Jordan Taylor Leaked Video

United States citizen Jordan Taylor entered the world on August 13, 1994, in the city of Chicago, in the state of Illinois. In the blogging world, he is a household name. She had always dreamed of seeing the world and decided to make it a reality by abandoning her domestic and professional ties.

Jordan’s trips are fascinating since she doesn’t predetermine each detail. Since she loves discovering new places, travel is one of her favourite things to do.On June 14, 2014, Jordan launched her YouTube career by creating her channel called “Travellight” and uploaded her first video.

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On April 19, 2015, Jordan made her YouTube debut with the upload of her first original video. In her first video, she explained why she decided to create a formal YouTube channel. She mentioned her brother’s two YouTube channels in her chat with Jordan. She shares advice on how to improve your appearance on one, and footage of her daily life on the other. She was inspired by her sister’s channel to create one of her own.

Bio And wiki

The goal of her future YouTube channels was to keep her followers engaged with tales of her travels and adventures. Since she anticipated that many people would be interested in reading about her experiences in Miami, she first considered writing about them.Her friends recommended she start watching travel documentaries like “Traveling the world for free” and “Traveling long term” as she entered her twenties. She got a lot of inspiration from the several trip documentaries she saw at the time. She began to wonder whether there was a way for her to make a living as a professional on the road. Her mind began to ponder this.She meets a Romanian guy named Livio. They frequently go on vacation together and marvel at the sights. They got to know each other over coffee in a café on the Greek island of Santorini. Web video blogger Livio On YouTube, Livio writes travel blogs as well. He frequently appears in Jordan’s videos as a special guest. When Jordan and Livio travelled to the United States to spend time with Jordan’s mother’s relatives, they had a wonderful experience.

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