Ukrain News – Deadly Donetsk blasts hit separatist –  cities in Ukraine , Day 208 of this fatal war

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According to the mayor of the separatist-run city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, a string of explosions has left 13 people dead and other people injured.

The fatalities were attributed by Alexei Kulemzin to “punitive” Ukrainian shelling. Officials from Ukraine haven’t responded. Since 2014, the authorities acting as Russia’s proxies have been in charge of Donetsk. They have said that Ukrainian soldiers are aiming towards the city. In the eastern regions controlled by, independent confirmation is elusive. However, local police said that nine 150mm rounds were launched from a settlement in the western city at the Kuibyshevsky neighbourhood of Donetsk. Denis Pushilin, a local politician, charged that Ukraine targeted innocent bystanders at a bus stop, a store, and a bank. Since the invasion started in February, Russian soldiers have taken control of certain portions of the Donetsk region farther south, but they have struggled to drive the Ukrainian army back from the edges of the city .

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Zelenskyy’s statement

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When asked about Zelenskyy’s remarks, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov responded to reporters on Monday: “The same thing happened in Bucha. It’s a falsehood, and we will of course stand up for the reality o f this account.” Prior to its pullout at the end of March, Russia dismissed accusations that its forces had killed civilians while in possession of Bucha, a town outside of Kiev.

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This rejection came in the wake of evidence showing that civilian deaths occurred when the town was under Russian control. After Russian soldiers were expelled from the Kharkiv area this month, which they had mostly dominated since the opening weeks of their military operation in Ukraine, 450 remains, the majority of which Ukraine claims are civilians, were discovered in mass graves close to Izium. Accusing Russian forces of committing war crimes, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy claimed that investigators at the scene had discovered evidence of torture, including victims with their wrists bound.

  1. Russian forces in the eastern of Donbas areas are now in dangerious for Ukrainian forces to pushed in eastern bank of the Oskil River . Another significant step in Ukraine’s counteroffensive is crossing the Oskil.
  2. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army General Mark Milley, visited a Polish military installation housing US soldiers and urged caution, noting that the conflict was “not going very well for Russia right now.”
  3. The Ukrainian military claimed its forces successfully withstood attacks by Russian soldiers in the Kherson region in the south and the Kharkiv region in the east, where Ukraine launched counteroffensives this month, as well as in select regions of Donetsk in the southeast. utheast.

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