Ukrain news : The Russian Federation is deploying forces that are currently stationed in Syria

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 Ukrain news : The Russian Federation is deploying forces that are currently stationed in Syria – Due to the failure of the covert mobilisation effort, the Russian Federation’s military and political leadership decided to withdraw the units of the 217th Parachute Regiment from Syrian Arab Republic territory and further prepare them for transfer to Ukrainian territory,” according to the statement.

The General Staff further observes that medical facilities in the captured city of Horlivka in the Donetsk area are overcrowded due to the influx of badly injured Russian personnel. Furthermore, two huge trucks transporting the bodies of 1st Army Corps servicemen came from Kherson area to the temporarily held territory of Donetsk region. The number of bodies has yet to be determined, according to the General Staff.

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According to reports, the Russian military death toll in Ukraine now stands at 54,810, with 160 personnel killed in the last 24 hours alone.

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The Transatlantic Task Force for Ukraine (TTFU), an organisation comprised of influential activists, experts, and civil society leaders, has written an open letter to the United States Congress, urging lawmakers to expedite the approval of a new assistance package worth more than $11 billion for Ukraine.

The Transatlantic Investigation Team for Ukraine “strongly urges the United States Congress to pass additional military and economic aid for Ukraine to assist in defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity, thereby enhancing US and transatlantic security and restoring the rules-based international order,” according to the appeal.

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The discovery of mass graves in the city of Izium following its liberation from Russian occupation, as well as the massive destruction of civilian buildings and infrastructure perpetrated by Russia’s military there and in other Ukrainian cities, “highlight the depravity and threats posed by Vladimir Putin and Russia,” according to TTFU.

It is stated that legislative support was “critical in addressing humanitarian, economic, and rehabilitation needs, as well as in substantially modernising Ukraine’s armed forces.”

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According to the letter, Russian aggression and Putin’s totalitarian tendencies have consequences for US security and economic interests and have an impact on the entire world, ranging from increased food insecurity to the weaponization of energy to the erosion of democracy, including disinformation and blatant interference in global elections.

“Given the high stakes and threat to friends and partners, swift congressional approval to aid Ukraine with significant military, economic, and humanitarian assistance must be a priority.”

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Oleksiy Kopytko, a Ukrainian defence ministry advisor, indicated the voting proposal was a “symbol of panic” in Moscow. On Monday night, President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that “the occupants are visibly in a panic.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the vote a “sham,” while French President Emmanuel Macron called it “cynical” and a “parody” that would not be recognised by the world community. Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg described them as “another escalation in Putin’s conflict.”

As previously reported by Ukrinform, Vyacheslav Zatulin, the president of the Russian Federation’s State Duma, stated in support of admitting Ukraine’s temporarily occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions as part of Russia.

According to Russian media, the occupying authorities have planned to organise “referenda on accession to Russia” in Ukraine’s temporarily occupied provinces of Kherson and Zaporizhia.

“Referendums on accession to Russia” would be held in Ukraine’s temporarily seized territory from September 23 to 27, according to Meduza, citing two individuals close to the Russian president’s administration.

Russian forces have increased strikes on civilian infrastructure in recent weeks in response to Kyiv’s counteroffensive in the country’s east and south, according to US military officials.

According to a local official, the corpses of 146 people, largely civilians, including two children, were excavated from a mass grave site in Izium. The exhumation should take two weeks.

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