Video of tiger wrapped around tourism bus in jungle safari goes viral

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jungle safari : The thrill of spotting a tiger during a jungle safari is unrivaled because they are rare, elusive animals. Imagine, however, if the same animal follows you or comes too close to you while you are on a safari. One such event that was caught on camera has since surfaced, in which a group of tigers are seen following a tourist van while on a safari.

An someone named @Bellaasays2 posted the video to Twitter, where it depicts a tourist bus driving through a tiger enclosure. A huge cat can be seen moving closer to the bus a short while later. The wild cat then grabs onto the car and begins to drive along with it.

Surprisingly, none of the people in the bus’ cage appeared to be afraid. Just two days after the Twitter user posted the video, it has already received more than 81,000 views and more than 2,500 likes. On the microblogging website, opinions on the development were divided.

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Adventure- not for the feeble,” one person commented. “That is how zoos ought to operate. Another person said, “Humans should be inside the cage, not the other way around.

“Well, if they had already eaten their daily meal it would be exciting to see,” a third user commented. However, if they hadn’t eaten, it would be “very scary.” “God…they think it’s meals on wheels,” a fourth person said.

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A party of visitors on a safari in a four-wheeler had a terrifying experience earlier this year when an enraged tiger lunged at them as they were viewing and taking pictures of the wild animal. In Uttarakhand, close to Jim Corbett National Park, the incident occurred. Official of the Indian Forest Service (IFS), Susanta Nanda, shared the horrifying encounter’s footage on Twitter.

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