Video: Tyre Nichols video leaked on reddit, arrest by Memphis police viral On social media

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Tyre Nichols : On Monday, Tire Nichols’s family and friends gathered with authorities in Memphis, Tennessee, to review the tape from his arrest earlier this month and find out what transpired before he was brought to the hospital. It was a dire scenario, and he passed away at the hospital a few days later.Follow our website, Blingsnews for the latest update

Chief Cerelyn Davis promised the video will be made public at a later date, and the Memphis Police Department acknowledged in a tweet that he and other officers had visited with Nichols’ family to show them the clip.

An early publication, she warned, “may adversely affect the criminal investigation and trial,” therefore maintaining openness about the case remains a primary concern. We are coordinating with the prosecution to decide when the footage can be made public.

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The Nichols family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crupp, released a statement saying that they would be holding a news conference on Monday.\


After several recent high-profile cases in which police employed excessive force against members of the public, particularly young black men, the death of Nichols, a black man aged 29, came as no surprise.

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On January 10, three days after stopping a driver they believed to be Nichols for allegedly reckless driving on January 9, the Memphis Police Department announced the dismissal of five officers, all of them black.

After a brief standoff, police claimed the “suspect fled the area on foot.” According to the statement, police gave chase, and another altercation occurred before the man was apprehended.

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An ambulance was called when the suspect reported feeling dizzy and lightheaded. In a critical state, the suspect was rushed to St. Francis Hospital, according to authorities.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports that Nichols passed away in the days that followed. FBI and Justice Department agents are looking into civil rights violations.

No information about Nichols’s injuries or the reason of his death has been made public. We at CNN have contacted the Shelby County Coroner for their thoughts on this.

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