Vladimir Putin trips on stairs at home and messes himself while battling cancer

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Vladimir Putin : According to a Telegram group that claims to have connections to Vladimir Putin’s bodyguards, Vladimir Putin has continued to battle cancer while falling down the stairs at his official residence and embarrassing himself, according to the Daily Mail. According to General SVR channel, the 70-year-old Russian president fell on Wednesday (November 30) evening as he was going downstairs in his Moscow house. His health has obviously declined since he started his war in Ukraine. Putin went down five steps, landing on his coccyx, before rolling over and sliding down two more steps. Due to “gastrointestinal tract cancer,” the sudden impact forced him to “involuntarily defecate,” according to the station.

Since the start of the battle, General SVR has released updates about Putin’s health, but it hasn’t offered any proof to back up its assertions or demonstrate that it has contacts to his guards, according to the Daily Mail. The channel wrote in its most recent post. Putin slipped, fell to his back, then rolled over and slid down a few feet.

“The incident happened in front of the President’s bodyguards, who responded promptly and sprang to Putin’s defence. The President was assisted to the nearest sofa by three security guards, who then phoned the on-call medical staff at the mansion. The medical personnel “arrived within a few minutes, but could not immediately evaluate the President,” according to the broadcaster.

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The fall produced a “involuntary defecation” since he had “gastrointestinal tract cancer, as a result of which he already faces major issues with digesting.”

The doctors assisted with cleanup and took the President to the restroom prior to the examination. According to the article, “a bruise of the coccyx and soft tissues was detected after a thorough inspection,” according to Daily Mail. “Nothing serious was found, and medications were used to treat the bruises. What caused the “fall” would be the subject of an investigation, it stated.

heath condition

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We have been informing you about his condition that he has been dealing with numerous health issues as per the reports and resources according to the Russian Telegram channel. As you are aware, he is a well-known personality and the president of Russia. He is also 70 years old, so he has been assisted thus far by bodyguards and had personal doctors who were guiding and diagnosing him.

In addition to this, he also mentioned and emphasised the several issues related to his gastrointestinal tract malignancy. He has been resting in the restroom to clean up after this specific reaction, but as of right now, the team is administering his proper medication; however, they are unable to examine him because it is still in the early stages. Despite this horrifying incident, he was still able to attend, and he spoke about the young scientists’ conference in Moscow.

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