Watch: Dubahub Leaked Viral Video on Twitter and Reddit, Who is he ?

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Dubahub Leaked : A person named Dubahub was seen in a video using a skateboard and a phone aboard an operating public transportation bus.

Authorities are eagerly hunting for the Dubahub guy, despite the fact that he has not yet been identified in the video:
The city of Medelln, Antioquia, is searching for the person who was seen on camera using a moving public transportation vehicle to skate and talk on the phone. It occurred on what appears to be a steeply sloping road in the Santo Domingo district of Antioquia’s capital city, adding to the risks associated with this person’s act for which at least three subpoenas will be issued.Follow For More UPdates Blingsnews

The video gains a lot of traction on social media and generates a variety of responses, including memes, laughter, and outrage since the actors put other actors’ lives on the road at danger in addition to their own and their reputations.

After the video gained popularity, different social media users reacted to it in different ways. Over the holiday season, Medellin has these events planned. The administration of Medelln has offered a wide-ranging cultural agenda to ensure total harmony for both city residents and the tourists who will visit Antioquia’s capital to celebrate the event of the year’s end.

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Therefore, in addition to other events, the district has organised the yearly procession of myths and legends, Christmas illumination, an eight band competition, a middle dance, festivals with varied musical components, and private meetings.

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Eternal Spring estimates that more than 250,000 commuters will enter the city between December and January, which is 28% higher than was anticipated the year prior. According to the Medellin Tourism Intelligence System, hotel occupancy in December will exceed previous highs of 80%.

The season “is a period that naturally generates smiles, dreams, and reflections, and it is an opportunity to develop the economy and produce cash for the numerous sectors of the city,” according to the government.

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On December 7, as part of the “Day of the Little Candles” celebration, Medellin will be illuminated with all the beauty and artistic flair of the “Christmas lighting.” There are many other ways to spend the December holiday season in Medelln besides this one.

One of the topics for this year will be the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Encanto, which will highlight the family relationship and the talent and abilities of the Colombian. It will also be important to have a thorough awareness of Colombia’s history, architecture, culture, traditions, food, and wildlife.

According to the administration, this year’s illumination will centre on the Medellin River, which can be seen from a pedestrian path that runs between the San Juan and Guayaquil bridges. Similar to this, several city streets will have more lanes, including Parque Norte, Avenida Las Palmas, Carrera 70, the Central District of the Oriental up to the Pablo Topón Uribe Theater, and the Five Districts.

The Mayor’s Office, on the other hand, has created a flexible schedule so that residents and guests can enjoy the cultural performance commencing on December 1 at various sites across the commune. with the goal of empowering families to take the reins of these get-togethers and community interactions.

The Secretariat for Citizen Culture’s official events page, which will also be replicated on the social networks of Nos Mueve la Cultura, will have the timetables for all of the numerous activities and gathering spots.

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