Youtuber Brandon Herrera Cause Of Death, How Did he Die, Obituary!!

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Brandon Herrera : We can put to rest rumours that Brandon Herrera, dubbed The AK Guy, has passed away. Before we go into the specifics of the Twitter tweet that falsely alleges he was slain in Ukraine, let’s make sure that we get the facts straight.

The American YouTuber’s death was widely reported on social media, and Brandon responded by poking fun at the situation by requesting his viewers to pray for him.

There’s no need to panic, but it’s important that you understand why some people feared the content author had passed away.More UPdates Blingsnews


People were worried for The AK Guy’s safety after viewing the tweet because he apparently handles too many firearms.

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The tweet, titled “Breaking News,” was published by a page called “krus.” Brandon Herrera, a veteran of the United States Navy and a popular YouTuber, was “killed while fighting in Ukraine,” the group wrote.

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The YouTuber, however, is very much alive and is only joking about his supposed death.

The identical tweet was shared again, this time with a joke from Brandon: “Your thoughts and prayers are welcomed in this trying time.”


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Twitter users were left in fits of laughter by the humorous details provided with the allegations of Barbdon’s false death.

RSOTM has corroborated this, confirming he was killed by Wagner Mercenaries in Bakhmut, as stated in one of the comments.

This has been further corroborated by Kruschiki Correspondents embedded in Wagner, according to another post depicting a cartoon skeleton brandishing a gun as the logo.

The YouTuber had a great comeback when one of Brandon’s fans joined the prank by submitting a GIF of a dog acting like it had been shot: “Bro, at least put an NSFW notice on that.”

The Twitter user who advised Brandon to “please be more careful when in Ukraine” was one of many.

Brandon is the proud owner of the company The AK Guy, where “all shapes and sizes of Kalashnikov design rifles” are produced. They operate from a headquarters in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Aside from that, he is a co-owner of Stark Media Group.

The YouTube star got his start posting films in which he handled and fired various firearms he owned.

Brandon has more than 2.25 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and over 300,000 Instagram followers.

Brandon’s not just famous for shooting guns or selling them, but also for reviewing gun memes online.

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