Zelenskyy said that Russia and Ukraine war “leaves dead everywhere” while Ukraine searches a mass grave.

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Russia and Ukraine war Ukraine’s says — President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the delicate work of collecting victims from a mass grave in a woodland that Ukraine had retaken from Russian soldiers will show the world “what the Russian occupation has led to.”

After a quick counteroffensive by Ukrainian troops recaptured the northeastern city and much of the Kharkiv area, breaking what had essentially become a stalemate in the nearly seven-month battle, the site, comprising hundreds of graves, was found close to Izium.

The Biden administration on Thursday unveiled a new $600 million package of military aid for Ukraine, including more of the equipment that has enabled its forces to seize the initiative.

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Ukraine precident says

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He estimated the number, saying, “I guess there are more than 25 or perhaps 30,” based on video of the location that Russian forces had shared on social media.

Kotenko added that there were dead civilians in individual graves with crosses on them. He stated that he anticipated the remains being exhumed for DNA analysis.

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Investigators using metal detectors searched the area for any undiscovered explosives before exhumation activity could begin. To demarcate specific areas of the site, soldiers stretched red and white plastic tape between the trees. Some graves had floral wreaths hanging from the crosses, some of which had names of the deceased.

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