By Mistake iShowSpeed Shows His Meat On Live Stream (Watch)

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iShowSpee: IShowSpeed, the controversial streamer, is back with another NSFW headline. Follow our website, BLINGSNEWS, for the latest updates!!!!!

Speed was jumpscared while playing a game in the Five Nights At Freddy’s franchise. He reacted in his typical exaggerated manner, screaming and jumping up and down.

The issue was that his erect p3n!s were visible through his shorts as he jumped up and down in front of the camera.

Speed didn’t seem to realize this until he sat down and saw the footage on his second monitor.

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Speed was said to be streaming] on Twitch. While nothing has been officially announced, the streamer can expect a near-permanent ban in the coming days.

Furthermore, many people who have seen the footage have joked that it will almost certainly confirm Speed’s move to Kick.

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The incident has shocked social media users. There are numerous reaction images floating around, many of which are directly lifted from Speed’s content.

IShowSpeed stood up and screamed while he flapped his meat 

He spoke to his followers while bandaged up in a hospital bed, raising concerns about his health.

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“I don’t know what I have,” Speed admitted. I’ve been feeling a lot of s***.

“My eyes are puffy, it feels like someone is stabbing me in the eye with a knife, and I’m getting a headache.”

“I wanted to update you guys because I’m not sure what’s going to happen to me.”

IShowSpeed continued his health update, saying he had no idea what was going to happen to him:

“I just wanted to give you guys an update because I’m not sure what’s going to happen to me.” You understand what I mean? I want you guys to always be there for me.until i die.
Speed has since traveled the world to see his idol in action and has amassed a large following due to his distinct personality.

The star, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr, is currently in Japan, where he attended a pre-season friendly between Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr and PSG.

IShowSpeed posted another minute-long video earlier today in which he was seen with his right eye very swollen and revealed that he was being rushed to surgery. The native of Ohio also stated that he was unaware of what was going on with him, adding:

“My eye is puffy. It’s like a stab. Someone is stabbing me in the eye with a knife. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And I’ve got a headache right here (the streamer places his hand on top of his right eye and temple). It’s literally the same as this.”

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