Leaked laptop photos and video of Hunter Biden go viral on Twitter and Reddit

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Hunter Biden : The tense circumstances surrounding the Hunter Biden Laptop Videos and Photos As more viewers engage with the entire released film, massive amounts of traffic are being generated on Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, Telegram, and other social media platforms.

Hunter Biden Leaked Laptop Video here

Hunter Biden is suing the computer repairman who gave the sensitive and occasionally embarrassing information on his laptop to Trump supporters, who then forwarded it to sympathetic reporters over three years after the entirety of his life was made public.

Attorneys representing the president’s son asserted that John Paul Mac Isaac lacked the authorization required by law to copy and transfer Biden’s data in a document filed in Delaware on Friday.

Mac Isaac is charged with six counts of invasion of privacy by Biden’s counsel for disclosing his bank records and numerous, numerous nudes.

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The Friday action is the first in Biden’s anticipated legal offensive against the laptop story. Mac Isaac, who initially sued Biden for defamation over the claim that Mac Isaac fraudulently got his laptop last year, is being sued back by Biden.

In addition to Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, Politico, and his campaign, Mac Isaac claims that Joe Biden left the laptop at his Wilmington repair facility in April 2019. According to Delaware law, the equipment became Mac Isaac’s property when Biden failed to pick it up after 90 days.

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However, Biden’s lawyers disputed those assertions, pointing out that Mac Isaac said in his own book that he started using the data on Biden’s laptop “long before” the 90-day window had passed.

They further assert that Isaac is only entitled to the hard disk and not the files on it under the law.

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The attorneys for Biden are asking for a jury trial to decide on compensatory or punitive damages as well as to assess whether Biden should receive the data and any copies back.

The lawsuit’s discovery process will start on Friday, according to Mac Isaac’s main attorney Abbe Lowell, who also filed a separate letter requesting to interview Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani as well as anyone involved in the laptop’s distribution.

Biden’s attorneys are retaliating as a House Oversight investigation into his finances is being led by Republicans. As if the network didn’t have enough on its plate already, his lawyers have written to Fox News and Tucker Carlson threatening a defamation lawsuit for pushing what they claim are false charges.

In February, his attorneys also sent a letter to federal and state prosecutors urging them to launch criminal investigations into Bannon and Giuliani and the others who circulated his laptop.

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