Link: GEORGE SANTOS DRAG QUEEN Viral Video Trnding ON social Media Platform

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GEORGE SANTOS DRAG QUEEN : DRAG QUEEN GEORGE SANTOS Most social media users want to see the update of the video, therefore it leaks as a video on tiktok, twitter, reddit, and every other site.Follow our website, Blingsnews for the latest update

MAIN STAGE DRAG QUEEN GEORGE SANTOS Many people are interested in watching the leaked entire film, which is why it has received so much attention. People who watch videos online typically want to find out more information about the subject being discussed. It seems that there was adult content in the video.


George Anthony Devolder Santos, who is openly gay and was elected as a U.S. deputy but has since been accused of making homophobic and transphobic remarks, would have become a drag queen in Brazil. George Santos, or Anthony as he was known in Rio de Janeiro, was the first openly gay member of the Republican Party. His drag queen moniker, Ki Kitara Ravache, also gained him notoriety.

He was successful in New York, a key state for the Democrats. Following his defence of conservative values, it has become clear that he is actually the drag queen of Brazil. At once upon assuming office, however, he was the centre of a scandal involving allegations that he had fabricated his CV and lied about his educational background and previous place of employment. He faced corruption charges in Brazil. Most Republicans currently want him to quit, but George has resisted.

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A 58-year-old Brazilian artist called Eula Rochard claims that she and the congressman made friends at Rio de Janeiro’s first LGBTQIA+ pride march in Niterói in 2005. Rochard claimed that Santos attended a drag queen beauty event in Rio de Janeiro three years after they met.

A second Niteroi who knew the congressman but asked not to be identified stated that Santos had tried out for a drag queen beauty pageant and hoped to one day become Miss Gay Rio de Janeiro. Reuters is credited with discovering the data.

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Rochard added that in 2005 the MP wore a plain black dress and was a “poor drag,” but that in 2008 “he came back to Niteroi with a lot of money,” and flaunted it by donning a beautiful pink gown.

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In spite of his many alterations, he has maintained his dishonest nature throughout. Rochard commented, “He’s always been a dream.”

Recent reports in the media have falsely claimed that I am a drag queen or that I “act” as a drag queen.

The media kept making ridiculous assertions about my life when I was working hard to produce results.

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