Mai Titi video is taking the internet by storm. polarizes.

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Mai Titi: Following a significant release of her private photos, Zimbabwean comedian and artist Mai Titi addressed the controversy around her pics. Yes, Zimbabwean artist and comedian Mai Titi made comments about her videos and photographs that were exposed. The musician allegedly accused her husband of sharing her private images. She mentioned her leaked images and her ex-husband in a public interview. Do you know who Mai Titi’s husband is? In this article, we investigated and discussed Mai Titi’s scandal. You must remain on this page and finish reading this contentFollow our website, Blingsnews, for the latest updates!!!!!

Mai Titi’s viral video explain

Mai Titi’s real name is Felistas Murata. Due to her leaked photographs, she is currently in the news and experiencing an unwanted whirlwind.

The fans were quite concerned about who released her personal images. However, the performer has come forward and definitely stated that her ex-husband and a former acquaintance are to blame for the leak.

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Felistas Murata has also voiced complaints against her ex-husband in Zimbabwe and the US. Her ex-husband resides in this country. Reportedly, Mai Titi reported the illegal use of cyberbullying and revenge p*rn.

The viral video is looking for retaliation after Mai Titi’s violent films and photos were made public. In the meanwhile, the comedian came out and claimed that her ex-husband had leaked her pictures. “My ex-husband is the only one who has seen my nudeness,” she alleged. I’ve previously reported them to the countries where they live as well as here in Zimbabwe.

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I don’t speak to her anymore (the old friend). I don’t know what she is going through. The ex-husband is looking for retribution since he knows he will never be allowed into Zimbabwe due to the money he stole and the fact that I put him on the wanted list.

Even though Mai Titi routinely gets into hot water, she once made headlines for allegations of fraud in a Harare woman case. The bail was set at $10,000. Her husband’s name cannot be mentioned due to legal restrictions.

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Her recently released video has helped her gain popularity. The newly leaked images of Mai Titi have been widely disseminated in groups on Facebook and Twitter. Visit this website frequently for updates and other information.

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