Pallegama Sumana spreading Video Scandal Sparks Controversy On Twitter

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Pallegama Sumana Spreading Video

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Today, daily news updates and videos become viral on the internet. It might be tough to maintain your privacy when using social media.

Furthermore, certain public figures are frequently embroiled in scandals as a result of their popular private videos. Meanwhile, other people have suffered as a result of the same incident, which was erroneously posted online.

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Another video that has lately gone viral has been making the rounds on the internet. The film is called Pallegama Sumana, and it claims that a monk and two ladies were caught in the act at Sri Sumanarama Viharaya in the Ihala Bomiriya district.

For the past few days, Pallegama Sumana’s viral video has been circulating on the internet. The video of a monk and two ladies being apprehended by locals has gone viral on social media.

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They also assaulted them after discovering them in a room with two ladies and a monk. Furthermore, they tore women’s clothing. A monk and two unnamed women were seen having private time, according to reports. As a result, locals became outraged and attacked those responsible.

The footage was captured and circulated on Twitter and other social media sites. As a result, it has received a great deal of public attention.

For some time, people have been aware of the Pallegama Sumana controversy. The scandal in which a monk and two ladies were seen engaged in graphic activity horrified many people.

Meanwhile, the same story has two separate reports: one alleges a monk was having saxual relations with two women, while the other claims Ven. Pallegama Sumana Thera was having relations with his two female cousins.


The incident, which occurred in Sri Lanka, has sparked much debate. The monk, who stated he had been with two relatives, claimed the mob had beaten them. The story is trending on Twitter, and there will be more updates on this disagreement soon.

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