Watch Popo Barbie 21 Detik’s some Video to find out what’s really going about on social media

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Popo Barbie: A 21-second video of Popo Barbie, a big TikTok celebrity, doing something provocative with a renowned female mannequin statue has prompted heated opinions and a lot of curiosity on social media. Follow our website, BLINGSNEWS, for the latest updates!!!!!

Recent search trends indicate that Popo Barbie is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are wondering if the movie and the renowned doll are real. The purpose of this article is to describe what happened to Popo Barbie and the infamous doll.

Stage for the viral video

After a video of her executing a self-pleasuring act with a dummy that looked like her went popular online, there were rumors about the Kerinci TikTok star. The video is alleged to have been captured as a snapshot from Popo Barbie’s WhatsApp status. It only lasted 21 seconds, but it showed Popo Barbie lovingly kissing the dummy.

The video immediately upset and embarrassed people on the Internet. “This is very upsetting and embarrassing,” one concerned person stated. People were concerned, so they questioned Popo Barbie’s close acquaintances.

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When a relative and Popo Barbie’s manager were questioned to confirm, they said Popo Barbie was in the video. He apologized on behalf of their family and stated that Popo Barbie was not to blame because her WhatsApp account was hacked.

Personal Explanation about video

Popo Barbie did not dispute her involvement in the video. About seven hours ago, she went on her TikTok account to clarify things. Popo Barbie stated that she did not post the video to her WhatsApp status and that her WhatsApp phone had been misplaced for two months.

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She believes it was taken and used by someone else. Despite the fact that her WhatsApp number was still active, it appeared that she was disseminating the video. Popo Barbie stated that the movie was created for personal use alone and that the film was very personal and confidential.


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Because of the video’s popularity, the Satreskrim Polres Kerinci (Criminal Investigation Unit) launched an investigation to determine what transpired. Their mission is to figure out where it originates from and who is spreading it.

Conclusion of video

The viral video of Popo Barbie doing something inappropriate with a mannequin has sparked a lot of discussion and debate. Popo Barbie claims she was in the video, but she did not send it around.

The fact that her WhatsApp account may have been hacked complicates matters even further. The Satreskrim Polres Kerinci investigation, it is hoped, will throw additional light on the reality behind the video, providing clarification and putting an end to this perplexing scenario

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