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Kadia Iman: Kadia Iman Videos and Photos on Twitter and Reddit On June 22, 2023, a video of Kadia Iman, a black college graduate, throwing the microphone on the floor at her college graduation ceremony went viral on social media. In the video, a student is seen squabbling with an official White over who gets to hold the microphone while requesting the teacher to release go of the equipment..Follow our website, BLINGSNEWS, for the latest updates!!!!!

Kadia Iman Videos & Photos twitter reddit

“Today is all about me,” says the most boring and humble person I’ve ever met. It is always the most terrifying noble who believes they are the main players.

Kadia told the teacher that she wouldn’t allow her have her time, and then went on to reveal the audience her whole name. The student joyfully declared her graduation. Kaida then addressed the white official once more, saying:

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The student, dressed in a black graduation gown and a pink cap, dropped the microphone on the floor and walked away. Other platforms have reposted Kadia Iman’s video. Matt Walsh, who uploaded the video on Twitter, dubbed the graduate “the kindest and most unimpressive person.”

A Twitter user, Howard Gao, responded to Matt’s tweet and called Kadia the product of an “awakened” university, despite not knowing which university she graduated from yet.

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In a TikTok follow-up, Eman provided further context for the occurrence and claimed that the white official’s attitude of her and other black pupils may have been racist.

Iman reported that as each student entered the platform, they were given the opportunity to say their name, major, and a few other things. According to the TikTok influencer, she and other black pupils are not afforded the same opportunities.

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“I used to say my name, and it’s literally, my name is long, and I have three syllables in my name, even though I won’t say my [full] name here, but I didn’t even finish saying my name,” Iman stated in the second clip.

“Everyone who came before me and everything had to say their name, majors, and even extras.” “Another girl and I noticed she was quickly pulling out the mic for some black,” she explained.

Iman went on to say that she couldn’t let the alleged behavior continue because she had worked so hard to get her testimony.

“I’m not a troublemaker, I don’t want to ruin someone’s day, I don’t want to offend anyone, but that’s what I did.” She wouldn’t even let me finish; she took the mic away and cut me off, and it was the only opportunity I ever got to speak. I just had the feeling that this was not true.”


“There was an incident during the student parade where one of the alumni showed frustration for not being able to hold the microphone while they were announcing his name,” Manny Romero, LaGuardia’s vice president of communications and external affairs, said of the event.

“As part of the process of keeping the ceremony running smoothly,” Romero explained, “the students are given the opportunity to voice their names while a volunteer holds the microphone.” “To avoid any delays in the student procession and celebration, no students are permitted to hold a microphone.” We bear in mind that this student’s aggressive behavior impacted the celebration for all of the graduates and attendees, and we do not condone it.”

Twitter users criticize Kadia Iman after her viral video became viral

Most people lambasted Kadia for the manner she handled her teacher on her graduation day after the video of their altercation went viral without much context. While some quickly made racist remarks, others denounced her actions regardless of her race.

Many people have claimed that Kadia Iman’s degree should be revoked by the college. Some have even referred to it as a brat, claiming that universities throughout the United States are failing to teach the future generation.

Once again, we witness an example of American universities failing to educate the next generation.

“I am a black woman… “I’m always correct.” This is the effect of the liberal agenda on people. The color of your skin has no bearing on whether you are correct or incorrect. What a complete imbecile! And, course, you must be embarrassed by her sweet demeanor. #KadiaIman

Kadia Iman posted an explanatory video to her TikTok account.

After the video went viral, the graduate took to TikTok to explain what happened. She stated that before walking on stage, all kids must announce their entire names into the microphone. When it was Kadia’s turn to pronounce her name into the microphone, the microphone was taken away from her before she could finish her long name.

She continued that there had been other students before her and began to explain their names, majors, and some additions. She went on to say:

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The now-viral graduate stated that she couldn’t let it happen because she believed she had worked very hard to graduate and had overcome many obstacles. Kadia realized she had to seize her opportunity. She also apologized to the viewers and stated that she is not a difficult person and does not want to spoil anyone’s day or infringe on anyone’s rights. She said, however, that the official wrecked her day.

Some people supported Kadia Iman when she explained what prompted her to grab the microphone from the teacher and throw it on the floor. In fact, many black community members supported her for using self-defense. Kadia Iman Photos & Videos

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