Why Aerovia guayaquil is trending on all social media platform reason?

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Aerovia guayaquil : Aerovia Guayaquil viral video An ex8plicit photo of a young couple having saxual contact in one of the cabins of the Aerova, the airborne transport that connects Duran and Guayaquil, has circulated on social media.Follow our website, BLINGSNEWS, for the latest updates!!!!!

Aerovia guayaquil viral video

The duo had their work done at the Airway in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and they were unaware. Canceled based on video monitoring of a transport pod.

The ‘lovers’ were all alone in the cabin throughout the intercourse, so without further ado. They decided to start dating the Strong.

They had no idea that the entire scenario had been recorded by the surveillance cameras in the cable car cabin.

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Only after accomplishing the assignment do the heroes notice the security cameras.

On some sites, you may see the fun before and after. Beginning with kisses and progressing to hugging. To releasing debauchery and culminating in a scene worthy of an X-rated film. Putting themselves in some cringe-worthy situations. The Kama Sutra.

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Finally, the young woman changes her attire and returns to her seat next to the male. That’s when she’s noticed, sucked in, and looks at the camera, astonished. While pointing to the device in one corner of the cable car, he appears to be nodding to confirm that a camera is definitely in place.


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Indeed, in one of the videos circulating on Twitter, a call to attention is made over the loudspeaker to young people: “Gentlemen users of Booth 117, I remind you that you are being watched by security cameras, at the next stop you will be dropped off by security men, and at that moment The youths with a surprised face realized that they were being recorded.”

Despite the fact that the video became viral tonight, the occurrence occurred on June 24 this year, as stated on screen. “Grandmother” has yet to be judged by any authority. However, individuals on social media took advantage of the chance to create memes and leave hundreds of comments on the subject.

Finally, the young woman adjusts him clothes and sits next to the man again, which is when she is noticed, sucked in, and stares at the camera with a surprised face, pointing to the device in one corner of the cable car, apparently nodding to inform him that there is, indeed, a camera in place.


Others joked that they “had a quick jab in the air,” among other things. Because the pair was intoxicated at the time of their saxual meeting.

But it wasn’t just about the race, s*xual desire, or excitement. Because Ecuador’s National Police stated that they were seeking to locate the pair. They contend that what they did was engage in saxual interactions in public, which is forbidden in Ecuador.

Little is known about the individual in charge of the security cameras. Simply put, it was possibly the most intriguing moment of his professional life. He was simply thinking about opening fans.

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