Watch Rina Palenkova Full death video leaked on Online

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Rina Palenkova : Many search for a leaked footage of Rina Palenkova’s death? View the video? Is the video authentic? Who compromised the video? Read on to learn each of these specifics.More UPdates Blingsnews

Who is Rina Palenkova?

Created in 1998 Inhabitant of the city of Ussuriysk On November 23, 2015, everyone began discussing the death of a girl who reportedly hurled herself in front of a train and died instantly. Let’s begin with the fact that on Rina Palenkova’s official Facebook page on November 22, two images depicting the girl near railroad tracks were posted to the wall.

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“Na. yet” is a pretty popular description for the images. Thereafter, there were no further updates to the page.

The girl was last online on November 22 at 9.31 p.m. (Moscow time).

Now, I believe it is important to discuss whether Rina died or survived, and whether this is all black PR. Personally, I believe it is public relations. I will present the facts.

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According to “eyewitnesses,” two images of the deceased Rina made it into the Internet. In response to the query, “Who leaked these photos?” No response. However, there is one detail that raises suspicions that the woman in the images is actually Olesya Zgurskaya, who died on the same day by jumping in front of a train (in fact, Olesya Zgurskaya died a month earlier).

Many Social users were able to discover Rina’s concealed friends, following which they began to inquire about her passing in an appropriate manner. Almost all of her friends disputed the typical response. As though he were concealing something. Nonetheless, if this is still true, it is difficult for her pals, so perhaps they do not respond regularly.

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As of November 23, Rina had like 10 friends. As of the date of this writing, thirteen of them exist. Yuri Khovansky was the first member to join, followed by Andrey Nifedov and Ranis Gaysin. * Rumor * when Andrei Nifedov came as the girl’s friend, he remarked, “Rina submitted an application, and I accepted it.” Indeed, also

Rina’s Avatar on the VKontakte page has been erased

Some succeeded in capturing it ( Photo 1 ) I was most perplexed by the fact that Rina did not appear on the network after altering her avatar, as she is still offline.

Support informed us that it was POSSIBLY the moderators of the page who were responsible.

The question therefore becomes, from where did they obtain this image? It is important to remember that Rina’s status changed as well. Rina also lost a photo she had saved, however it is probable that the VK Administration erased it. (no, the photo did not disappear off her page; it was a fake)

A video report of Rina Palenkova’s death entered the network. Let’s now debate it:

  1. The video is of substandard quality
  2. The video did not identify the dead by name and surname.
  3. There is no indication whatsoever that this video is about Rina.
  4. Considering the similarities between the video and the article on Olesya, it is likely that the film is about Olesya and not Rin.

There is no confirmed information about Rina’s death on any website, and the vast majority of websites contain identical text. A photograph from Rina’s “funeral” also made its way onto the Internet.

According to Yana Shevchuk, on April 26, 2017, the prosecutor’s office in Primorsky Krai began investigating the college (Izvestia has a document about this).

Andrey Demidov, co-chairman of the Interregional Trade Union of Teachers, stated that colleges do not employ “class teachers.” This is an additional load for which a minimum payment is required.

– There is no such position, but the individual was compensated for this activity, therefore he is responsible for its execution, – noted Andrey Demidov. – The most that can be threatened to a teacher is a reprimand for neglectful job behaviour. There can be no discussion of dismissal, as a teacher’s primary responsibility is teaching.

It was impossible to obtain a reaction from Far Eastern Technical College representatives.

Director of the Environmental and Social Problems of Mental Health Department of the Federal Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Narcology. Boris Polozhiy, the vice president of Serbia, stated that the production of suicidal memes is linked to the indifferent and deficient attitude of adolescents toward death.

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